Friday, 19 August 2016

Winter flights from Athens ...

Additional flights, and competition at last ...

For the locals, residents and those intrepid out of season travellers to the island, and beyond

From 1st of October Sky Express will be operating from Athens to Skiathos, every Monday and Friday.

A screenshot of the prices can be found below. Luggage allowance is 15kg hold + 6kg hand baggage. (Thanks Dennis N) It seems the book early prices are the same as those with Aegean/Olympic Air.

Monday flights

Depart Athens 10:20 Arrive Skiathos 11:00
Depart Skiathos 11:20 Arrive Athens 12:00

Friday flights

Depart Athens 15:00 Arrive Skiathos 15:40
Depart Skiathos 16:00 Arrive Athens 16:40

Thanks to Steve in Skiathos, and Skiathos Island News for the information ...

Sky Express News release here


  1. "Luggage costs extra"? The press release you link to says price includes 15Kg hold baggage and 6Kg hand luggage.

    1. Thanks Dennis, amended main article, with credit to you ...

  2. On 12 February 2009 a British Aerospace Jetstream 31 registered SX-SKY experienced a right main gear collapse after landing inbound from Rhodes.[10] None of the 15 passengers and 3 crew were injured, but the aircraft sustained considerable damage to its right landing gear, wing and propeller that was deemed beyond economical repair, resulting in the aircraft being written-off.[citation needed] The cause of the accident was that the aircraft had previously suffered two heavy landings in the previous 27 which were not reported. One of the heavy landings caused a fracture in a landing gear cylinder, which propagated until the cylinder failed, causing the landing gear to collapse. SX-SKY was noted being scrapped at Heraklion airport in late February 2011.
    On 2 February 2015 a British Aerospace Jetstream 41 aircraft registered SX-DIA, operating flight GQ-100 from Heraklion experienced a left main gear collapse and runway excursion after landing hard on Rhodes due to strong winds. None of the 16 passengers or 3 crew were injured. The aircraft received substantial damage.[11]

    1. Probably best to avoid the Rhodes route ...