Saturday, 23 July 2016


Time for an update - yes its been rather quiet:

SWMBO - Kamila has been in hospital recently due to an infection, its something all Cancer patients have to live with. It was her first and set her back for around a week. Once discharged she was treated at home with daily visits by a 'Hospital at home' nurse.

She/We have been quietly preparing for the window of opportunity, for surgery.

Luckily there had been a slight postponement, assembling the team, which has allowed her to fit two weeks of lost appointments into one. The last appointment being on Wednesday.

Kamila had major 'life changing surgery' just yesterday - Thursday 21st, and was in theatre for over ten hours. The best surgeons in Europe operated on her to try to beat the cancer, after 24 courses of Chemotherapy where she astounded the doctors with her resilience.

Tonight, she remains in the intensive care unit, and will be there for some time, but has the best teams in the country looking after her.

Its going to be a long tough road to recovery, but rest assured she will be doing her very best ...


  1. I cannot express in words how we are feeling but you and your family are so strong and brave

    1. Hi Tony

      I am just back from the hospital, It does not seem that way to be honest. We are just doing the best we can in exceptional circumstances, and battling the beast as best we can.
      My wife is an exceptional lady to go through all this ... ...