Friday, 20 May 2016

Looks a bit damp ...

For the next few days or so ...

Lets hope everyone has packed their brollies and pac a mac's for the weekend. It should be a lot better weather wise from Monday.

Not what you want to read at the airport, but duty free still has options, for you

Latest update from Nostos - Fawlty towers, rebranded as 'Skiathos Blu' by Thomson (But its still Nostos village if you have a timeshare) Is that the paint is dry, the furniture is still arriving, but the new season knives and forks, have still to arrive from Jumbo. Until then the 1980's ones will continue in service UFN ...

New update on the stairs count at 350+ presumably they lost count, or stopped for oxygen. Hopefully the boys from Margaritses transport drove up with the latest furniture delivery, rather than walked. Great effort though.

Platinum investment has still not been able, to stretch to enough rust eater, to free the funicular from the track. Apparently the lights dipped on Kalamaki, each time it went up the alp ...

Reports that the fuzz have been taking an interest in the beaches. Strange as the young fit bodies don't arrive until June down at Banana. Everyone to their own, but Doris and Dave like a man in uniform ...

Apparently some hoteliers are helping them with their enquiries, down the station. Lets hope its all resolved quickly, and by breakfast service this morning ...

After all, its summer, the sun is meant to shine, fun on the beach is what most folks come for ...

Late News: The Ukrainian visitors have dropped off the blog, since they won Eurovision. How many votes did Greece give them?


  1. The precipitation has started in Troulos @ 17:45 Greek time! Where's my pound shop poncho 😒

    1. Precipitation, or condensation on your FIX ?

    2. Definitely precipitation in Kolios!

    3. Find somewhere dry for the next day or so ...

  2. Hi, yes was raining when we left yesterday, but still in my shorts.
    Was looking into the police activity and aparently according to Billy at Victoria's Troulos a body was found in Beltsios studios. Not sure if thats whats its about but maybe

    Cheers Will

    1. Hi Will

      Beltsios was a separate sad event. Hoteliers were serving customers on the beach, so were taken in ...

  3. Ahh i see, which beaches do we know, with the beach bars out for tender its all very odd on them, no beer at Koukounaries, not used to that :). Walk to Eleni and all was "Fixed" again