Friday, 1 April 2016

Kαλό μήνα - Summer is loading ...

Καλό μήνα - Απρίλιος ...

Kalo Mina - Good Month - Aprílios - April ...

Only another 31 days to go, holidays are coming ...

Come on own up, Who has started packing yet ?

Thomas Cook holidays to Skiathos for 2017 went on sale this week, Strangely just as they started to announce changes to the flight plans for 2016.

If you thought you were flying home via Kavala, check again - It may now be via Corfu. At least you get another low landing over the water, when you think you may get your feet wet.

So time to book, or pack, what are you waiting for ...


  1. I have started to THINK about packing, will that do?

    Where did you get that photo ... of me as a small boy?

    1. Hi Dennis
      If you know the right people anything is possible ;)...

  2. We have been collecting all non clothing we need ready :-)

  3. Black Friday for us in May from Manchester
    with TC fingers x