Sunday, 6 March 2016

Skopelos - Fire planes in action at Agios Efstathios-Karya ...

A large fire started at around 2.30pm, burning pine woods in Agios Efstathios-Karya Skopelos.

Photo: Ilias Provias

Local are terrestrial and aerial firefighting forces, while aid from Skiathos, and elsewhere rushed to the island to assist in extinguishing the fire ...

Photo: Ilias Provias

Photo: Ilias Provias
Two firefighting planes "Canadair" made ​​water drops until sunset.

Skopelos reached hastily by helicopter from Athens and step 12 people-firemen of EMAK led by captain 1st EMAK Brigadier Kolokouri, giving a tough fight to flames.

From Volos departed for Skopelos afternoon and great power firefighting forces led by commander of the fire Service Volos,  Charalambos Pozoglou, while expected to ferry embarkation and forces from Skiathos.

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