Thursday, 31 March 2016

From Volos to Skopelos and Skyros by seaplane ...

In leading role Volos - Northern Sporades and Skyros ...


In  Magnesia created the first waterways network in Greece. Seaplanes of Hellenic Seaplanes SA will join initially Volos with the Northern Sporades and Skyros and then to regions across the country. The islands of the Northern Sporades and Skyros will have a leading role: because of their central position will interface with the islands of Northern Aegean, North Greece, the Cyclades and the metropolitan ydatodromio Thessaloniki. The activation of the first organized viable network is considered a matter of time. Since the summer is expected to launch the first services.

The environmental licensing of waterways Skopelos, completed nearly waterways Volos network - Northern Sporadon- Skyros.

According to a statement of the Hellenic Seaplanes SA signed the approval of environmental conditions to create waterways in the port of Skopelos, bringing closer the company's effort to create the waterways network in Sporades, Volos and Skyros.

The decisions approving the environmental terms of Skopelos Port Works include the creation of waterways with land and water facilities and water surface for safe splashdown, apothalassosi and ydatodromisi seaplane (maneuvering area). The onshore facilities are located in the southern part of central quay of the harbor and include prefabricated passenger facility. Organization of the project is the "waterways Sporades IKE 'subsidiary Seaplanes Greece SA / Hellenic Seaplanes SA

On the occasion of the signing of the decision of the environmental conditions for the construction and operation of the waterways, the president and chief executive of the company Hellenic Seaplanes Mr. Charalambous announced that the creation of the first network of waterways in Greece is now a bet with time while pointing the multiple benefits that their implementation will have on job creation, regional development, development of infrastructure and networks as well as the positive effects on tourism at this critical juncture where is Greece.

Specifically Mr. Charalambous said: "The construction works of waterways will start very soon and feature a significant number of waterways will be possible as soon as possible with a view to the forthcoming summer season.

Significant implementation factor of waterways network is the economic environment of the country and the overall investment climate that will stimulate a new development landscape in Greece.

The operation of seaplanes and the creation of the waterways network can create a significant number of jobs, both directly and indirectly, contribute significantly to the interconnection and development of local communities and improve the country's economy, but also to contribute the removal of small islands isolation, upland or frontier, where construction of airports is not possible and the connection between the boat is difficult, especially during the winter season. The creation of waterways in some islands of the country that do not have classic aviation infrastructure or regular transport, will contribute to a large number of social service urgency, such as patient transport and basic commodities. "

Minister YPEKA Mr. Skourletis a relevant statement said: "The Environment and Energy Ministry reported the waterways are awaiting environmental licensing and has initiated all appropriate action to accelerate environmental licensing of waterways.

At the same time we are in regular contact with the Decentralized Administration and the Minister subject to overcome bureaucratic obstacles and resolve any issues thus contributing substantially to the support of this investment initiative in creating the first viable waterways network and configuring a new development landscape in the country".

Connections across the country

According to the business plan of the waterways network of Hellenic Seaplanes SA, the waterways Sporades and Skyros because of their central position will interface with the islands of Northern Aegean, with northern Greece, in Cyclades, with Volos and the Metropolitan ydatodromio Thessaloniki .

The Hellenic Seaplanes, pointed o the company's General Manager Mr. Evangelos Zagorakis, has started the process for licensing, construction and operation of waterways and other islands and soon will develop a sustainable network of destinations and tourist routes.

In conclusion, Mr. Zagorakis said: "Our company's design includes more than 100 waterways and is expected soon to have ready a part of the network is a project clearly of national importance, a new transport infrastructure, which will give new impetus to the interconnection of all of Greece. The formulation and implementation of the new national transport infrastructure has already started dynamically by us for licensing, construction and operation of waterways to the coast, islands and lakes where soon will interface with seaplane together.

To date more than 50 waterways throughout Greece are in the authorization phase and preparation of the environmental report. If everything goes according to the timetable set by 2016 Greeks can fly with seaplanes. "

Wish them well, previously the service from  Volos with Argo was not a viable one ...

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