Thursday, 11 February 2016

New flight operator to Skiathos ...

Loloflights & AirX launch the following routes

Manchester to Skiathos on Tues & Fridays
Bournemouth to Skiathos on Fridays,

With only 120y seats on a B737-500, it gives passengers 31ins pitch as compared to some charter carriers on only 28ins, also we will be offering a free in-flight snacks.

AirX is an an innovative and established airline, Owned and managed by John B Mathews a British entrepreneur it has built its reputation on flying VIPs on executive jets.

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  1. Hi Ian.

    Interesting flight time from Manchester.
    Depart 01:45.
    Arrive JSI 07:30
    A few extra hours on the beach....snoring.
    I thought Manchester departures shut down between about midnight and 6am.
    Noise abatement.
    All the best.

  2. Strange flight times for Bournemouth - they don't seem to take account of the two hour time difference. It doesn't inbterest me as I go package to the only accommodation I'm interested in. Doing a partial test booking also shows baggage is extra - for 20kg hold baggage it's £25 per person each way, so £50 return each. Funny, one way flight is £300, for a return it's £340 per person.

  3. Hi Dennis, the rationale regarding the 0145hrs is that we could have gone at 0530, but that means getting up in the middle of the night to get to the check-in, The Bournemouth is an inside W operation, eg the Manchester flight operates 0145/0730 when the airport opens and then flys via Salonika for refuel to Bournemouth, turns round and flys back to Skiathos, for the inbound flight in the evening back to Manchester, if you live in the South East/south West, then it's worth trying Bournemouth you can get through the airport in half an hour and you park directly outside the terminal. Free baggage offer is for 15kgs per passenger, yes there is extra £10 for every 5kg, but that's cheap compared to the others. also you get a free sandwich inflight and it's 31ins seat pitch, Thomson has 28ins.

    1. Paul Dendle has left a new comment:

      Thanks for the post, is now launched, for your readers we have a free baggage offer