Sunday, 21 February 2016

He is back ...

No not me - him ...

Mr Cameron has returned from Brussels waving a piece of paper. 
He has a promise, and that seems just about it to me ...

Looking at the exchange rate, the uncertainty is affecting your holiday €

Confused? You may not be alone ...

So how do you think it will go on June 23rd ?

Friends of the blog can have their say, what do the readers want to happen next? 
Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your say...

Update:  Straw poll after 24 hours ...

UK Visitors to the Blog vote page; 31
Stay in EU: 6
Leave EU: 18
Don't knows/Cant be bothered/Hiding behind the sofa's:  7

Update:  Straw poll after 96 hours ...

Visitors to the Blog vote page; 94
Stay in EU: 23
Leave EU: 35
Don't knows/Cant be bothered/Hiding behind the sofa's:  36


  1. 10 billion a year could be spent better here.

  2. So the Buffoon and the Conman will now tell us all how to vote.
    Here's a simple quickfix for Europe...
    We should join fully, including the Euro.
    Europe should become ONE large country and ALL members should have the identical same minimum wage and identical social security benefits and rules. Don't hold your breath waitingb for it to happen

  3. Anyway, I hope we vote to stay in on 23rd - we fly to Skiathos on 24th and I don't want to be refused entry at the arrivals door!