Saturday, 23 January 2016

Snow days ...

Skiathos has snow again this morning ...

Photo: Father Iosif Katsouras, Evagelistria Monastery  
(Source / source: Stavros Dafis & Metar. En)

Photo: Giorgos Diolettas - Platanos Skiathos
Photo: Sakis Zlatoudis - Achladies Skiathos

Six years ago, (almost to the day) it snowed like this, the power went off for a couple of days. The power lines collapsed over on the Pilio, the islands went offline.

We lived in one room, I fed the woodburner day and night to keep SWMBO & Junior warm. We had Junior tucked up in the moses basket, It was surreal but great fun. I was warming up milk bottles in a pan,on the woodburner.

I had food in the freezer ready for the event, which we heated up on top of the woodburner. Candles everywhere, to navigate the house. Our first winter, The best of times, great winter days spent on the island ...

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