Friday, 9 January 2015

Skiathos: the final frontier ...

These were the voyages of an ex-pat Englishman. 

His five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations, to boldly go where no Englishman had gone before ...

Well on the way, he told you all about it ...

Only its become a lot more difficult of late. You see SWMBO is going through hell. Cancer has torn our happy life apart, there is not a lot that I can say, that will make it seem better than it is.

Its going to get a lot worse, over the next few months ...

So regrettably I think its time to close another chapter - the blog.

Over half a million visits from strangers to our little world. Sometimes over a thousand hits a day. Some of you  paused to chat, some just sat and stared, some became good friends.

I have to support SWMBO through her darkest hours, Junior needs daddy to be there too.

So until we meet again, whenever or wherever that will be ...


So its goodnight from me ...

... footnote - 13/01/15

Thank you, one and all for your very kind and positive comments, here on the blog ...

Its when you are going through tough times, you find out who your friends are. We are stunned by the response, and the huge number of comments left on the blog.

Tough times ahead, thank you once again, for your support ...

Skiathian, SWMBO & Junior


  1. Ian, what can I say. It's been a pleasure to read your blog every day, and I'm glad I had the pleasure to meet you a while back.

    I'm sure loads of us are saying please don't end the blog, but you have to put yourself and your family first.

    Take care of yourself and your family Ian, hopefully we will meet again soon.

    Best wishes for the future, and I hope things work out for you all.


  2. Ian and family,
    You are in our thoughts always...
    All our love, the gang from Cape Town xxx

  3. So sorry to hear that Ian,you will be missed by many whose thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  4. Our thoughts are with you and your lovely family - thank you for all the pleasure your stories have given us over the years - you will be missed - hope to see you again when we return to the island x

  5. I agree completely with Steve Bradley. Good luck and all best wishes to you and yours.

  6. Ian, I hope to meet you all one day. Thank you for allowing this part time Skopeletan to learn more about your little island. I have you and your family in my heart and mind.

    Come back soon.


  7. Dear Ian - your blogs about 'my' beautiful island have been my indulgence over the months and years, thank you so much for sharing your life with us. But now your real life family need you, and of course you must be 100% with them. We'll be thinking of you all and sending all our love and good vibes to all of you. With much love, Chrissie and Paul x

  8. Ian, I have never met you but have followed the skiathan for about 3 years for fun and an interest in the beautiful island of skiathos, we have had many happy holidays there and found the blog useful and an insight into real life on skiathos,
    the unfolding drama of Kamilla's illness has been very sad and heartbreaking reading,
    thank you and wishing you, Kamilla and your family all the good luck in the world, god bless

  9. Your blog will be missed like h...; from the south of Africa to the high North!

    It has brightened many dull and hard days; if I only knew how to repay....

    A zillion positive thoughts sendt towards you and your family

  10. So sorry to hear this but our thoughts and prayers will be with you at all times x

  11. We have really enjoyed your blog over the years. Our thoughts are very much with you. Best Wishes. Roger and Lynn xx

  12. So sorry to read this Ian, we have loved reading your blog , you have gave us all so much pleasure with your stories every day and news of our favourite Island, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all ,

  13. I'm so sorry to hear that Ian, but I completely understand your reasons. You , SWMBO and Junior have all my good wishes. Hopefully I'll see you soon.

  14. Ian, at dark times like these, family has to take precedence and we all understand your need to focus on SWMBO over the coming year. We send our prayers to SWMBO and strength to you and Junior to cope with the difficult and trying months ahead. Thinking of you all.

  15. Ian our thoughts and prayers are with you and family .It was a pleasure to meet you last June and hope to meet you this year.You have given so much pleasure with your blog to every one who loves Skiathos

  16. I don't know what to say.
    Words are not enough.
    Just "sorry".


  17. I only met you once a couple of years ago.. It has been wonderful following yours and your families life on Skiathos. Hoping and sending best wishes for a happier future to you all. Maggie.

  18. Only had the pleasure of meeting you once.. Sending all best wishes for a happier future to you and your family.

  19. Stay Strong! Love from Marit and Pelle

  20. So sorry to hear your news. Our best thoughts are with you and the family.

    1. Have loved reading your blog over the years unfortunately never managed to meet you on our many visits. Our love and best wishes to you, SWMBO and junior for a happy future.
      Vicki x

  21. Ian thank for your help advice& stories for many years. Our thoughts & best wishes r with you all

  22. Ian, we send you all our love, prayers for healing and good wishes from afar .... Thinking of you. Elle and Paul

  23. Thank you for the years of entertainment, for allowing us to experience the Skiathos we leave behind until the next time. Compelling reading, you've made us both laugh & cry. Yes, we're sad to lose the blog but the real sadness comes from the reasoning behind it. Our thoughts & well wishes will continue stay with you all.


  24. Time is precious & you need to spend as much of it with SWMBO as you can, I'll miss reading the blog and following your adventures tho.

    My best wishes to you all.

  25. We have never met but I feel I know you but I don't know the words to convey my feeling for you and Kamila at this time. I just pray she gets through it as soon as possible.
    Thinking of you all, bye bye for now xxx

  26. Just good luck to you and your family. Take care

  27. Hope with all my heart to return to your paradise on your rock all three happy and healthy again

  28. Skiathos is not the same without your blog, but SWMBO and junior must come first.

    Thinking of you all
    Kay & Trevor

  29. Thank you for the pleasure you have given us with the Blog, we will miss it so much. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Gwen and Dave Francis

  30. Only recently found you. Will much miss your posts. Have been to Skiathos many times and knew well residents Wendy and Allan Freeman.
    Aware of your turmoil and concerns and as an unknown to you, I wish you strength and good fortune in your times ahead.

  31. thinking of you all. Hugs xx Jan & Dave