Saturday, 8 November 2014

Wet ...

That just about sums it up ...

Listening to the rain since 04:30am, on my second coffee and chewing through a doughball, that passes for a croissant, that they seem to love here.

We are in for a rather damp day, which will probably put paid to my efforts, to entertain junior today. If I can get the bags packed, then a quick sprint up to Joyce 'n' Fun. The excellent new children's activity & play centre, located next to Asteras supermarket.

It is the only children's play activity area open on the island. All the play areas have either been closed, or have been removed, due to them failing risk assessments following an accident in Athens.

The rain should give the streets a good wash, and blast through the storm drains. As one friend said last night - possibly further opportunities to try out the new Olympic kayak course, down Papadamatis Street, if it rains hard enough.

Storm forecast 9am
Looks like SWMBO may be staying indoors in Athens today too ...

SWMBO spent yesterday (Friday) in hospital undergoing tests. Like everywhere else in the world, a lot of that time spent waiting to see doctors. However all OK so far, The staff were all very nice, and spoke glowingly of the Surgeon and team, who will be together on Monday for the surgery.

Thank you to friends on the neighbouring islands, of Skopelos and Alonissos, who have been in touch and offered support. I have forwarded on all the messages, from friends near and far, to base camp Athens.

Thank you to friends on the island, who very kindly offered blood units from their banked supplies, We have confirmation, the donated units have arrived at the hospital in Athens, from Volos via the Greek blood transfusion service.  

We have some wonderful friends, on standby here on the island, in Volos, and ready to attend in Athens, should any more supplies be needed. 

Island News:

Our excellent key cutter, locksmith, and shoe repair man - has relocated to new premises. He can now be found next door to Phedrock bar here in town.

There is a 24 hour national strike planned for Thursday 27th November see:

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