Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Athenian ...

I woke up this morning in a room full of daylight ...

It was a shock as first, I did not know why, then where I was or why. Thankfully not the twilight neon light of the hospital, but base camp Athens, and the first time in daylight.

Scary stuff. Its a nice house and warm. I had been awake in the night, so had overslept.  I have drunk enough coffee lately to have sleepless nights (If I had not reason enough already) and have had my fill of cream/cheese/spinach pies of all types in he last few days too.

After breakfast - back on the run towards the city centre and hospital.

Its not every day you get to share a train carriage with a travelling Bulgarian busking band. But it made a change from the weeping Afghani, who works the route day and night.

However packed the train gets, and in the morning commute its a tight fit. The Athenian lady you are pressed up against, has a large coffee to go in hand. The doors open some people fall out. Others implore you to let them on from the platform, but the coffee cup has standing room priority at all times.

Another return to normality and city life. People running for trains and connections. Much to my surprise even the wailing Afghan made the connection from suburban rail to metro. Bad luck though to pick the carriage with the Bulgarian accordion duo ...

SWMBO is recovering well after the surgery. The surgeon is happy with her progress. She is feeling sick mainly due to the after effects of anaesthesia, and the pain relief so has been keeping me busy.

I got her up on her feet and walking a few steps yesterday. As you know after surgery you feel very tired - hopefully she will be better in a day or so.

Long way to go yet, everything in small steps. Margaret great support, Joanna is arriving tomorrow from UK. Thanks to our 'very special friend' back in Skiathos, who is looking after Junior for us ...

Must say we are very impressed by all the staff here at the hospital. Doctors nurses are all friendly and professional. The new incumbent of the next bed is in the medical profession, and says the surgeon is the best there is ...

Its getting cooler here on Athens the skies have steadily clouded up and we expect rain tonight. Probably on Friday too. Getting gloomy outside so night approaching. Grey skies and a grey city today. However off to the airport tomorrow/thursday to meet Joanna flying in from London for a few days.

Getting in late evening, a glass of wine and its time for bed. Internet is a bit flaky where we are staying. Nice area though, plenty of shops and cafes. Supermarkets are very similar to the ones we are used to, but distinct lack of butchers or fish shops.

Must cut back on the cappuccinos or the trousers will start to fit me again. Plenty of shops around selling designer goods, likewise plenty catering for the budget consumer. Shoes around the €100 a pair. Shows how out of touch I am with retail therapy.

Late news (just remembered)  the travelling Bulgarian busking band, were working the city bound train service tonight.

The Athenian - Yes it has a certain ring to it ...


  1. Very impressed with how you have got everything sorted - sorry if that sounds patronising, not meant to be. At the end of the day you have to pin a smile on your face and keep going I know, but it can't be easy for you, especially being separated from Junior. Stay strong. x

  2. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated Ian - good wishes as always

  3. Sending love to both of you, and O of course. Keep smiling and say strong. Chrissie & Paul x