Thursday, 20 November 2014

Musical chairs or Snakes and Ladders ...

One very warm day here in Athens ...

08:15am, and someone was cutting wood outside with a chainsaw. It almost feels like Skiathos ...

Back to the hospital for a game of Musical Chairs or was it Snakes and Ladders ...

Its a game of two minds where you pit your wits against the skills of your opponent.
Here are the rules, and an example of how to play the game ...

Pay €5 at the Tameio
Pick a lift there are two.
Pick a floor there are seven.
Start at logical option. (Where you last left the game) 5th floor
From 5th floor they play the Go TO 2nd floor card
Slide back down the snake to 2nd floor.
Pick a clinic, take a seat and rotate around floor and clinics at leisure

If you are lucky you get to the next level ...

Go to the third floor, This is Go TO 3rd floor card via the third floor ladder
Only there is no one there, just 'non customer facing' white coats
Slide back down the snake to 2nd floor Tameio.
Go back to the third floor with paper, This is Go TO 3rd floor card via the third floor ladder
Only the office has closed at midday, and its now 12:40
Slide back down the snake to the second floor tamio.

Tameio look at your paper (The one that they gave you) and say

'Game over - start again tomorrow at 8am'...

So we went a few stops on the metro, and jumped off at a random station.

We watched a baker make small pizzas in a bread oven. Tomatoes, feta and peppers almost wrapped in their bread base, They were delicious and piping hot too.

Then we wandered home for a snooze, to find that the gardeners had carried out the autumnal tidy up. One orange tree had disappeared, half of a lemon tree too. A huge pile of branches was stacked up outside to be removed. Two carrier bags of fruit, discretely tucked away for the gardeners wives, to put to good use - Chefs tasters ...

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