Saturday, 11 October 2014

The most beautiful ruin of Skiathos ...

Katerina Rovva article in Saturday's ETHNOS, (11/10/2014) for the most beautiful ruin of Skiathos.
SOS for the mansion of Skiathos

Article shared by the cultural association "Skiathos" chairman Theo Tzoumas.

Fighting to save a "beautiful ruin." A building with peers Greek state, described as a piece of art from the Ministry of Culture, hosted by Otto and later Asia Minor refugees escaped the holocaust of the Germans in 1943, has withstood many earthquakes and finally burned by arson in 2005.

SOS for the mansion of Skiathos 

This is the house Ragias former Matarona in Skiathos which attracts the attention of the local community at the initiative of the vibrant cultural association "Skiathos" and chairman Theo Tzoumas.

The owners, Margaret and Themistocles Ragias, fifth-generation descendants of the famous family of the owner Matarona had begun restoration work on its own financing when the fire broke out. Almost lost everything in one night. Carved wooden ceilings, wooden floors with handmade nails, plaster relief decoration, wall, wooden doors and ornate staircases, original architectural details and examples of folk art that have survived for more than 150 years. According to the Ministry of Home "is a very fine example of traditional architecture. A two-storey stone building with rich ornamentation on the facades. Of particular interest is the marble doorway which frames the entrance, plaster ornamentation of the exterior walls and arches with marble pillars formed on the south and west side. "

Nicholas Mataronas, Skiathitis prominent shipowner and merchant, president of the city council of the island (1866-1870) and donor elaborate epitaph of Mary lake, had brought about the construction of the house artisans of Rhodes, built with pumice and made reference point: "In these September 8, 3in hour after midnight, after apolysin of Matins, at panigyrin of Our Lady of the lake, Machoula cousin and I, together katirchometha the slippery cobbles, the incipient of the great house of Captain Nicholas the Matarona and reaches the coastal market, "wrote Papadiamandis anno 1900 short story" Ghost of Sin. "

The house Ragias today, with obvious signs of arson that destroyed it in 2005

"The restoration hiding surprises," says the excited 'nation' Mr. Themistocles Ragias. "We found the old system of tiled gutters that filled the cistern of the house, who supervised the battlements surrounding streets and the square, neoclassical warm colors, we found that the outer coatings should be using a spoon to make it wavy like the sea . The house where we spent our childhood summers was an ark with portraits of our grandparents, with handwritten contracts, marriage contracts, conditions of cultivation and lease, logbooks, premiums Loyd's, with walls full of paintings with their boats painted in Venice or Marseilles common at the time. "

Family holiday in Skiathos, home Ragias, 1965

That he and his sister want to restore the building, and interest has been expressed by islanders which they find gem on the island. Although an opinion is part of the Ministry of architectural requiring special state protection, there has been no movement on the part of the State, which is requested by the local community.

Otherwise it will remain a ruin like home Kokkonas, passed into eternity through Papadiamandis as a ghost from the past that will frighten passers small dark winter nights ...

Katerina Rovva


  1. A crying shame!
    It is so beautiful, it must have been a wonderful building in it's time. It is only 50 metres from our house, and we pass it every day when we are in Skiathos, and wonder what it would have been like.
    Lost in the translation a little, I am taking it that there is a desire to rebuild it but there is no movement from the State, am I right??

    1. We're I to be lucky and win the lottery, then I would buy this and return it to its former glory. Then invite my neighbour for drinks on the terrace.

      "But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams"

      William Butler Yeats

  2. You and me both, I would be that neighbour!!!!
    My dream is to restore the old Fish Taverna Tarzanas to it's former glory and have a jetty to welcome boats and guests from around the island.

    1. You would have me as a neighbour, I love the old pile of stones that was someones home just behind. Someone has stolen the old Tarsanas sign off the wall - great shame ...