Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pomegranates and Grapes ...

A friends garden near Xanemos ...

Ripened in the Skiathos sun ... ...


  1. We have recently returned after our first ever September visit (we are usually late May arrivals). One of the significant differences was the fruit. Pomegranates and Quince everywhere. Surprisingly no figs but more surprisingly the amount of grapevines where the fruit had just been left to wither away.

    1. September is a great fruit month, you can find it everywhere. Trouble is so much gets wasted. Delicious small sweet pears and apples if you know where to look.
      The figs the last of which are the mauve variety, are usually ripe in late September. However like much of the grapes they seem to have ripened early.
      The quince are ripening now, they turn yellow when ripening. Pomegranates are everywhere, and much sought after when ripe.
      The vines in many areas ripened very early and were turning to raisins in Mid September. Not the best year to make wine or tsipouro, due to the strange weather pattern ...

  2. Have to agree, it was lovely seeing all the pomegranates, was very tempted to pick a few!!!

  3. They weren't mine to take!
    Re your latest blog, you and SWMBO will be in my thoughts over the next few weeks, stay positive.