Monday, 1 September 2014

Καλό μήνα σε όλους Σεπτεμβρίου είναι εδώ ...

Kalo Minha

Good Month to one and all, September is here ...

Well we hope so, its usualy the time when we see a thunderstorm or two. Its the monsoon season. Accuweather is forecasting for tomorrow Heavy thunderstorms; humid with variable clouds; excessive rain can cause flooding and mudslides

So it looks like the monsoon season may be arriving after all. Certainly the last few evenings it's been cooler, I notice heading home a nip in the air. SWMBO & Junior were out and about last night. They said it was chilly in AP.

If the rain comes as forecast, then let's hope our new mayor, has had the foresight, of the previous one, to open the drainage ditches to the beaches. A few hours work with a JCB, saves a lot of time later ...

Pleasantly warm again this morning, gentle breeze and a cloudless blue sky.

22:00hrs: Have been for a wander round the harbours, its very breezy down the Old Harbour this evening, and the boats are running for shelter in the New harbour. Looks like the bad weather is on the way ...

Non-Accuweather advise: A threat of heavy rain and flooding to parts of southern Europe through the middle of the week.


  1. Fingers crossed it's not too disruptive rain wise , I'm currently in Troulos where it is hard to imagine rain , as it's scorching at the moment

  2. Oh stop it Ian , I shall take refuge in the bar :)

    1. Make sure it has high bar stools ...