Friday, 15 August 2014

Water shortges, outrages and works (2) ...

Read between the lines, you should get the right idea what its all about...

Call for essential water use Skiathos 
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Concern residents and professionals of the island of Skiathos has caused communication DEYA Skiathos posted yesterday department website. 

Reportage: VANGELIS PASIAS "waiting" for tourism while traffic peaks is in accordance with professional Skiathos communication DEYA for programmed water. According to a notice posted on its website yesterday DEYA, the service informs residents and visitors that the water pumped from the only source of water supply water network observed severe signs of deficiency, and water levels have reached their limits. manager DEYA Skiathos, n. Ioannis Sarris, said the issue is serious and also, there is no second source to ydrodotithei network. Drenaje to address the problem, it is conceivable to make a planned vacation water. "We will make sure there is water with controlled stop if the phenomenon and worsen if not unheard our pleas to reduce use," said Mr. postal. Sarris. otherwise Compliance fines Drenaje Skiathos appeals to residents and tourists to the island be proper consumption of water resources only absolutely necessary uses sparingly and prohibits uses such as watering, washing cars, roads, etc.. Failure to comply consumers fines by both the service and the police who have notified about. Blow to tourism According to professionals of the island, this is a blow to tourism in the heart of the tourist season. Mr.. Eleftherios Hatzis is concerned about the impact that will have on tourism scheduled vacation water. "We will do our job with bottled water. What troubles us is not having an impact on tourism, "said the TACHYDROMOS Mr. Hatzis. Another practitioner said that holidays are often failures in the network which are used by residents of Skiathos but not, however, and tourists. rightly do Mr. Ioannis Alexandridis said that people DEYA do their job properly in order to reduce the overuse of water is observed due to the high volume of tourists.

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