Friday, 22 August 2014

Silly things to do on holiday ...

Every once in a while someone amazes you ...

I was speaking to someone yesterday, and they told me they had been to see the private doctor. Now a few euros lighter in pocket, and wearing a plaster. 

They volunteered the information of how and why they were now wearing the plaster. I was not really interested, but they wanted to talk ...

'I stood behind the plane at the airport today, as it took off and it blew me over'

I looked at the lady in disbelief, its one of my pet 'why the heck would you do that' things that I see here, and it amazes me to this day.

Can I ask you something? I said ...

She just stared at me and did not say a word.

'If I gave you £1000 would you stand behind an aircraft at Manchester, when it was taking off'?

'No' she replied

So why do you do it here?

'Everyone does it' she replied ...

'Well some do, but not everyone, the tour companies would run an excursion to do so - if it were a money spinner' but the H&S issues probably rules that out ...

The aircraft engines, (as they are accelerated) throw up small stones, like bullets. What if one of those were to hit you in the eye? They are even known to break car windows.' neat Kerosene exhaust is not exactly beneficial for the lungs either is it ?

'Oh I have insurance I will get my money back' she said diverting the conversation ...

What's the excess £25 I asked? (Expensive plasters)

'There were loads of people on Friday, when we were there'

The police are often called by ATC to move them away, I said ...

'Well they didn't then, or today, and if its dangerous, they should do something about it'

I thought - Daily mail reader ...

'They should put some signs up'

That confirmed it - Daily mail reader ...

What's wrong with the ones that are there?

'There aren't any' she said ...

I said 'You cannot miss them, they are two metres long, and one metre high. Either side of the runway'

Signs in Greek and English ...

'There are no signs just a traffic light, she said, and if there are, they should put them behind the planes, where we all stand as they take off''

So they can get blown into the sea, along with the rucksacks mopeds and everthing/everyone else ?

'Its fun' she said and wandered off ...

I love the aircraft, and that you can get close to them, you can see the pilots. Many of whom wave to the public at the end of the runway. I enjoy taking photos of them - when I have the time. 

Sooner or later though, someone will get an injury, from a stone. Its plain stupid for any sensible adult to want to stand behind a departing aircraft. Especially one containing 37400lb of thrust from each unit. They are designed that if they fail, they send the damaged bits of metal out the back - just where the guys wanting a 'bit of fun' are standing inhaling the fumes.

Is it me ? 'Sheeps head no brains' as someone once said ...


  1. You're quite correct; it really isn't to be advised.
    After spending too many years in and around jet aircraft the back end is certainly somewhere to be avoided.
    Especially as they "spool up" for departure.

    Most if not all hydrocarbons are carcinogenic so avoiding inhaling the fumes from burnt Avtur is also wise.

    In passing I have been looking at the cost a holiday on the isle in September.
    I think the advert in today's "Daily Mail" of a 13 acre Greek island for sale in the Gulf of Evia at £12m might be a snip.
    Seriously Ian we hope to be with you sometime next month, wallet permitting.

    1. I am still impressed at the physics of the event. Immovable force v Immovable object. She was ... let's say ... a very big girl.
      Think the co pilot said to captain, Bet you €25 you will never blow that one over. Captain OK you stand on the brakes, whilst I rev this baby up - Tower you need to adjudicate, we have no wing mirrors ...

  2. Sounds like another contender for the Darwen Awards!

    1. How do we nominate the numpty :) ...

  3. It almost makes me want to come and watch... couldn't you set up a webcam?... She sounds even brighter than the scooter driver I saw taking selfies and pictures of his friend on the bike behind the other day... I wasn't as polite as you and words did not fail me on that occasion as I passed him... All you can do is hope they all get to go home in one piece

    1. Hi Barty good to hear from you, I do the same. Idiots here too, driving up and down the island looking, at an I-phone rather than where they are going.

  4. Love this post but please Ian don't tarnish all Daily Mail readers with the same brush!!!
    as for the scooter driver, I can see why My O/H refuses to hire one now, his argument being "there are too many idiots on the roads!!!

    1. I had you down as the 'Horse and Hound' type Marion ...