Friday, 1 August 2014

Delay in Olympic flight, from Skiathos to Athens - 29/07..

The NewsSkiathos site reports ...

Delay in Flight Olympic from Skiathos to Athens 

by telephone yesterday 29.07.2014 at 9:19 in the evening at the offices of the MESSENGER unknown load has warned that bomb plane Flight 081 Olympic. The aircraft would perform flight Skiathos - Athens at 9.45 pm and will depart from National Airport, Skiathos' Alex. Papadiamandis. " The flight had 78 passengers in total. 
By 9:19 in the evening, when he took the warning call to the offices of MESSENGER, had boarded inside the aircraft no passengers by 78. had just loaded their luggage, which had passed of relative control. 
Upon information received by the police reacted immediately and evacuated the aircraft from passenger luggage and checked thoroughly suitcases of a passenger one. Checking luggage were present special canine explosives detection, to detect possible bomb. 
The passengers of flight delays of departure, initially puzzled but after mobilization of the police realized that something was happening and when informed that there was a warning about bomb in aircraft that would travel to Athens terrified. 
Worth mentioning that airport security was informed by the postman after warning phone call made ​​to the offices of the newspaper. As mentioned above, the mobilization of police was immediate and surveys conducted both inside the aircraft, as well as outdoor space to Skiathos airport. In police investigations participated expert dog for detection of secretory materials. 
Delaying the flight was great as well control procedures were carried out by police late at night. 
however no one can explain what were the reasons and intentions of the unknown man phoned bomb on an aircraft of Olympic Airways flight that would take place in Athens. But the stranger knew that the aircraft was given the time to Skiathos National Airport "Alex. Papadiamandis and preparing for flight. 
Finally it turned out it was a hoax and the flight departed from the airport of Skiathos to Athens 11: 25 in the evening with a half hour delay. ATHENS TSIRGI 

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  1. Ye Gods!!! not something you would expect to hear re Skiathos flights. There are some serious nutcases out there!!!!