Sunday, 3 August 2014

Church bells and clubbers ...

Makes an interesting mix on a Sunday morning ...

Awake early and its another sticky morning. Church bells ringing out over town. The Greeks have great stamina, they are still out enjoying themselves, and on the way home after their Saturday night out. The dustmen are doing their best to make as much noise as possible in the street, along with the clubber's making their way home.

My 'Saturday night out' was changed last minute to a 'Saturday night in' Still I did have the benefit of Junior saying 'I have a nice surprise for you' and it was too. Junior has been assisting SWMBO in the kitchen. The result a lovely moist banana cake, very tasty and great with a cup of tea!

At this time of the year cooking in the heat is quite a challenge, so I appreciate their efforts. I have to say the appeal of hot food, has not been there for a few weeks now. I have been into the 'salad and yoghurt' phase of the year for a while.

I have always been sceptical of the vegetarian diet. Mainly because, I would find it quite hard to follow, yet it seems that is what I am doing more or less. I am only eating meat around once a week. When I do, then now I do notice the heavy feeling, in your stomach afterwards. However had been really looking forward to some fish meze last night.

Junior and SWMBO are almost 'fruitarian' (If there is such a thing) they consume all fruit that comes into the house. Fresh apples and pears from the island, a gift from a friend, vanished within a few hours. Peaches are another favourite that disappear like magic whenever, I bring them home. As for grapes, I only ever seem to see the stalks that have been left behind, as evidence of their previous existence.

The heat had ripened the bananas before they could be consumed. They have to be really yellow or considered 'bad' by junior, hence them arriving as a cake ...

Does a cake count as part of your five a day? ...


  1. Don't worry Ian, the hunter gatherers will be arriving next month, foraging for grapes to be delivered by hand to the Skiathians workplace. You will be able to take the stalks home and get your own back.

  2. Yes if the cake has fruit in it then of course it does and on a Sunday there's no calories in it either :-)