Sunday, 27 July 2014

Graffiti ...

The urban youth, have arrived from the mainland ...

Some are here for the week, others for the weekend. They party hard on the beaches at Vromoliminos, and Banana. Certainly yesterday (Sat) afternoon there were crowds heading to and from the beaches late into the evening.

Most have a great time, however some like to leave their mark in other ways. This week has seen graffiti, and tags appearing on clean walls, all along the island.

References to football stadium gates, in Athens, Larissa and Volos. Along with spray painted tags and signatures.

The saddest sight, if the defacing of the statues and monuments, around the Bourtzi, the monument to Papadamatis, and the statue of Poseidon.

Form your own opinions about the people who do this kind of thing. It happens every year.

Victoria of Skiathos Books, has taken some photos of our new designer artwork, adorning our harbour. The photos are all her copyright, and shared here with her kind permission ...

Some of the walls have had the tags painted over again, later this morning. Others have been added to during the night. However others are going to take longer to clean up ...


  1. Its a disgrace, these people have no respect, Sadly I wouldn't have expected it of the young Greeks!

    1. Visit the mainland and you will see hardly anywhere unaffected by graffiti. Its the silent protest movement ...

  2. Seems rather strange to me that they (Urban Greek Youth) scrawl their juvenile tags in English rather than their native language Greek.

    1. The weekend is the peak period for Graffiti, no doubt there will be more tonight ...