Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Secret Garden (Update) ...

Skiathian has been in touch with the owner of the secret garden ...

I left a note on a tree on the Paralia ...

Having seen a puff of white smoke, from up in the hills, I am delighted to advise, that there is a prize on offer for the correct answer to the question ...

Remember the question - its a three parter ...
  1. Now can you tell me what it is
  2. Who it belongs to 
  3. and its final destination ?

Some of you are very close to the correct answer ...

Late entries from friends of the blog who do not have gmail accounts:

Mrs Whicker said: 

Hi Ian, re your blog pictures, being useless at identifying plants etc I will probably be wrong but I think it is Skiathos tea. My first thought was oregano but then I remembered someone giving me some Skiathos tea about five or six years ago, it was the first and last time I had ever heard of it

Malcolm said:

Could it be Vasilis Koralis secret stash of oregano up in the hills?

Now don't be shy, it could be to your advantage to get it right. If not then the nearest correct answer wins. You will see the prize here on the blog ...


  1. 1. Mint
    2. Pappa Yiorgas
    3. Tres Hierarches

  2. Answers 1. Basil
    2.Captain Michael
    3. Pesto

  3. Hi Ian,
    Not for publication but just to let you know that it is Fathers Day today in the UK.
    That lemon that Emma "borrowed" from the grounds of the Caravos Hotel was utilised today in the form of a lemon cake for her favourite father!
    Very nice too.
    All the best, Pete.

  4. How many Skiathos pearls would you like in september for the answers :-)