Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mayoral election (Live)

Polls closed at 19:00hrs in the first ballot for the selection of the Mayor and council positions.

Looked a very busy poll earlier.

The count is being undertaken at the school where we voted earlier.

21:15 Dimitris Prebanzanos doing very well at the initial count.

21:20 Reports that the popular vote is spread amongst the other five candidates

21:32 Reports Prebanzanos leading, Paschalis and Patsas very close for second place.

The top two candidates will go head to head next Sunday ...

21:37 Supporters optimistic at, Pascalis campaign office.

21:45 Reports Prebanzanos will go through to week 2

Prebanzanos is 70 years young, he seemed quite relaxed earlier ...

Seems the number of candidates has split the vote. Lots of horse trading to come this week.

22:00 Still awaiting official result ...

Much anticipation , must be a few nerves jangling over the result.

22:04 Filaretto said to have a good number of votes, a three way race for second place ?

22:19 Prebanzanos has 300+ votes over second place Patsas at the moment

22:30 Pascalis campaign office very dissapointed

22:45 Am in Patsas office looking at the results live on the link, he is wearing a very broad smile

Result is Prebanzanos 1st
Patsas 2nd

Around 60 votes difference ...

Yannis Patsas checking the numbers at his campaign HQ, as the votes for the councillors come in ...

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