Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Good day sunshine ...

You know the rest ...

This morning's cloud cover, burned back at 8:30am. Looks like we are in for a warm if not sunny day. The views over to Evia are stunningly clear, once again. I expect they are the same to Mount Athos today, from the north of the island.

The loosing candidates in the Mayoral election have been looking at the results.

Sakis Zlatoydis 

Dear friends, I would like to express my gratitude to all who stood by me in this effort and who believed in me. Congratulations to all who dared to stand for their opinions, being themselves candidates as members of all six groups.
All the best to the candidates whom the citizens of Skiathos chose to continue to the second round of the elections next Sunday.

Maniolis Paschalis

Tell a postarisma by noon of Sunday, explaining in my opinion, the outcome of the election because we know that our combination had the great power of young people.
And in those ages the abstention surpassed 60%

I would be amazed if Maniolis did not ask for a recount for third place. Looking it by just one vote. However I understand over 100 votes cast in his favour, were rejected as spoilt papers.

This afternoon its been warm and sunny, banks of cloud from time to time. A nice fresh salad for a late lunch, making mind body and spirit feeling good - What more could you ask for ...

This evening, I bumped into Maniolis in Papadamatis street. Someone once said, 'a week is a long time in politics' I think he knows that quite well now. I like him, and he spoke to me from the heart about the last few days.

Tonight, he meets with his campaign, to discuss the way forward. Who to support this Sunday. He has four questions for each candidate. Four election promises to secure a deal in the next few days.

So 10 minutes with me, and many others stopped to chat. He struggles with why the younger voters stayed at home. He feels the time was right. I appreciated those few moments, I hope he does what is right. Four years is a long while to wait, if the wrong man gets in.

An even longer week in politics ...

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