Sunday, 18 May 2014

Election day dawns ...

Its a beautiful morning, clear blue skies and stunning views across to Evia ...

Today is the day we cast our vote - well those of us that have registered, from the 500+ official residents who are non Greek EU nationals.

A message from Geof Baldry on the process ...

This Sunday, 18th May, there are the local, County and European elections held at the primary school by the bus terminus.
Voting is from sun up to sun down.

We foreigners are only voting in the local, municipal, elections.

You must take your passport for identification and find the school room which is set aside for Latin names (i.e. non Greek names).
Once your name has been found in the voter's registration lists, you will be handed several pieces of paper and an envelope. Each paper will have the name of a different candidate for mayor, in Greek, with a list of names beneath it. It would be good to familiarize yourselves with the Greek name of your candidate of choice. When you enter the polling booth, you throw away all the bits of paper except the one which you have selected as your mayor of choice. You can then put a cross against up to three of the names listed below, who are people standing for councillor with your mayor of choice. You must put a cross (like a plus sign +) next to the names. NOT an x! This is very important as if you put anything but a cross (+), it is possible that your vote will be rejected as a spoilt ballot. Forgot to add that you then fold your paper into the envelope and return it to the registrar.

Happy voting!