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From the Panthessaliki Journal: Tachydromos ...

Maria KARIFILI - Kalogianni continues with joy the delivery years

The tradition goes back many decades with great taste Mrs Maria KARIFILI-Kalogianni, which operates in Skiathos, preparing cheese products posting enthusiastic comments domestic, but also foreign connoisseurs.

The traditional cheesemaker, which originates from Alonissos, but lives in Skiathos the last decade, has opened an important chapter in the field in which it operates, by preparing a series of high quality products which are available for sale in store of her husband George KARIFILI.

The active cheesemaker produces goat cheese, feta cheese, cheese, gruyere, gruyere, and ladotyri. Its cheese, in particular, are inseparably connected with the culinary tradition of Mytilene, and she did not hesitate to travel to the region in order to learn how to prepare, by local lady who taught the secrets of the local traditional cheese learned from her mother.

In the corral of her husband, who in Skiathos kept 250 goats, from which the raw material, milk, is used for the manufacture of traditional cheeses. The milking process is repeated morning and evening on a daily basis, always with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

"My husband George were involved in this job, and I knew her from my father and then we got married, steeped in the cheese. From toddler steeped in the cheese, I knew what I had been shown by my mother, but after years when we got married my husband, I became involved professionally, because I like this job, "she says, speaking to TACHYDROMOS .

The creamery is purely traditional and therefore "all done by hand. Requires many hours of work, and you must be on foot from early morning until late at night, "she explains, while stressing that" the same old job did my mother in law."

Although located on foot from 5 am to midnight, however, explicitly states that this procedure is good, thank you very much.

Dairy products made by Mrs KARIFILI, figure prominently in the daily table of many friends of delivery, Skiathos, Alonissos, Athens and abroad. Many foreign visitors Skiathos sourcing, noted, quantities of cheese just before the journey back home, taking with them, along with memories of holidays and traditional local dishes.

There are thoughts about a shop "opening" in the future, but currently, dairy products KARIFILI family, are sold to the butcher shop, located at the end of the road Papadiamanti. "In Alonissos give cheese, but also bought from Athens.

"There are people who support me and I thank them very much" notes Ms KARIFILI-Kalogianni, while stressing that the most rewarding for the same are enthusiastic comments and compliments received by consumers.

The cheesemaking process is laborious and requires extreme patience and dedication until it reaches the consumer, while the maturing process lasts about a month. Coagulation, cutting, assembling, after boiling, to prepare the cheese, all made in the traditional manner, in accordance with the techniques and procedure followed the previous.

The secret of cheese making is reflected in the phrase "have to love what you do and be committed to the job. I love what I do, I love it so much and so it pleases me very much, despite the endless hours of work required. "

Mrs KARIFILI states advocate of local traditional products, stressing that "must be supported local products because foreigners come to Skiathos want to enjoy traditional local dishes, and for this reason should themselves professionals to promote"


  1. Great article. Something I didn't know. Where is the Karifili shop?

  2. Sorry, just reread. At the end of PapaD. I will look for it! Excellent news.

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