Monday, 10 March 2014

Island News: Coming soon - New equipment for the health centre ? ...

The Newspaper for the Northern Sporades reports ...

New equipment for health centres of Magnesia ...

We had to arrive two months before local elections to publish the relevant tender for the obvious ... That is "the strengthening of, among other health centers Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.

Multipurpose regional clinics with medical equipment in order to ensure a high level of provision of primary health care to all citizens of the Regional Unit of Magnesia. "

Equipment relates to:

Radiography machines, full system digitization and printing radiographs, dental equipment / office, portable 2L. defibrillation, 3 channel electrocardiographs, AMBU, overhead, scales - measuring rod, laryngoscope, pulse oximeters, stethoscope, sfygmanometro (sphygmomanometer).

According to Mr. K. Agorastos: " One of our goals as an elected District, is to implement projects that improve the level of health services in Thessaly for the benefit of its citizens. The procurement of new equipment for health centers Magnesia upgraded to provide comprehensive primary health care for his fellow man and his needs. Through the NSRF, aimed at raising public health in Thessaly ."


Now we do not know long this will take to complete, lets hope they can arrange some ambulance drivers too ...


  1. Around 2008 there was a Telemedicine & Telecare Program with a Virtual Medical Network between Naxos and Skiathos hospitals. Any possibility this may continue in the future? Medical data was transferred to computers of the network units which created an access to the healthcare services for the public.

    1. No idea at all, you are far better informed than me. Suggest you make enquiries with your island representative. Let us know how you get on ...