Thursday, 13 March 2014

Beach Cleaning 2014 ...

The Cultural Association "Skiathos" organizes Saturday, March 15 action, cleaning the coast of Tsougria. Departure at 10:00 by boat 'Kalypso' (opposite ALPHA BANK).

Saturday, March 15

'Later the same day (Saturday, March 15) at 18:30 in the hall of the Municipal Council, the Environment Committee of Dimou Skiathos and Cultural Association 'Skiathos' invite, in open meeting for the purpose of discussion and motions to be designed and implemented with great success and participation, voluntary action for the environment, "TOGETHER Skiathos NET."

In eight consecutive years that the action is implemented, has been embraced warmly by the citizens, the municipality, the Associations, the school community and is now well established. participation and interest of volunteers can not only be a marker conscious society responds to environmental activities organized in partnership m this way in a joint effort of concentration and removal of tens of tonnes of waste, which for decades from large point sources in coastal and forest areas.

The message of action is that through our daily lives we can do to protect the environment of our own case' (Teo Tzoumas)

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