Saturday, 8 March 2014

Island News: A Skiathos Triathalon in September ? ...

The Newspaper for the Northern Sporades reports this afternoon ...

Organization triathlon race in Skiathos in cooperation with the Greek Federation

In order to raise awareness among residents and visitors of Skiathos in ' fair play', and participation of youth, o Cultural Association "Skiathos" sent a request to the Greek Triathlon Federation and following this communication, organized a meeting in his office Mayor stakeholder representatives of agencies and services. 

The guest of the Cultural Association, representing the Greek Federation and Triathlon specialist technical adviser of the International Triathlon Federation, Mr. Andreas Galanos reported on the basic principles governing the ...
triathlon event as:
• Create a safe and sporting environment for the conduct of the match
• Compliance with specifications
• Purpose of site visibility through media
• Attracting visitors
• Create an attractive environment for sponsors
• Legacy for the local community sporting and economic development

and the fundamental obligations undertaken by the organizers in collaboration with the Federation, which is:

• Create Organizing Committee Leaders by sector
• Ensure relevant permits (Coast Guard, Police, Traffic, Municipality)
• Guarantees for the closure of the routes to be used
• Coverage of human resources (volunteers)
• Update the local community for the match
• Keeping the necessary technical specifications
• Medical coverage of the match.

Mr. Galanos, referring to the proposed route, said impressed by the natural beauty of the routes and that if he could take place is sure to be one of the best scenery Triathlon conduct of our country.

In the discussion that followed, the representatives of the institutions and services said they will support the organization to be successful, but also the consolidation of triathlon Skiathos.

Attendees agreed that the possibility of organizing such an outdoor sporting event that combines the marine and terrestrial environment anadyknyei values such as teamwork, fair play and contact with nature. Next action is to create a steering committee which will undertake the coordination of actions that at the end of September to be held the first triathlon race in the Northern Sporades. The Association would like to thank the Association of Hoteliers Skiathos for the hospitality of Mr. Galanos.

The proposed route
( swimming, running, cycling )

Present at the meeting were the Mayor, the City Council President, Councillors, Deputy Commander of the Police Department, the Harbour Master of Skiathos, Representative Fire Ladder Skiathos, the Director of the Center for Health, Deputy Director of the School, the Athletic Trainer's Association, The Board members of the Cultural Association "Skiathos" Representative of the Yacht Club, the Hotel Association Representative, Representatives of ATT, Representative Volunteer team PROTEKTON, Representative of Skiathos Mountain Bike, athletes and interested volunteers

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