Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Warm on the rock ...

February 18th, and we expect a shade temperature again today of 20 degrees (68F) ...

It feels much warmer when you are in the sun, and there are some lovely red noses on display at the moment. They will come in handy, for the first of the carnival parties this weekend.

Its a stunning morning here once again, deep blue skies and a misty haze again towards Evia.

Springtime in Skiathos ...

OK this is the real Infinity Blue ...

Then there is a knock at the door ...

Its Alex, the 'famous' waiter from Taverna Alexandros.
'How are you my friend' ...

I complement him on how fit he is getting, with the mountain biking, (his MTB Facebook page) and he gives me these, freshly picked from his garden.

Another bag for the ladies in black. then another bag for ......

'Its that time of year' ...

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  1. you are so lucky to live on such a beautiful island x

    1. I worked hard for it. I gave up a lot to do it. So many people have dreams, many put barriers in the way of achieving them. Some make them reality or take the opportunity to do so. Luck does not really come into it ...

  2. Well said Skiathian! It takes a lot of guts to do what you have done. We all have dreams but they tend to remain just that - dreams. I would like to congratulate you on your photos - absolutely brilliant! I would like to tease you and say that you obviously have far too much time on your hands, but am well aware that in the season you probably don't have time to spend with your family or just generally chill out. Thanks for doing what you do.

    1. Hi Sue, I am not having a go at Marion, she is lovely. I have met so many people since I lived here, and at least once a week someone says the 'You are Lucky' phrase. Its hard work living in another country, just ask any who come to UK.
      Those from foreign nations who are here, in the main have made a conscious effort to give it a try. It does not work out for everyone. We are not all sitting on nesteggs or pensions. We have been through some real tough times.
      The worst type you meet are those who think its all Mythos and Gyros, which it is not. They are the ones that tend to be the 'Green eyed monster' and I have met my share of them.
      Quote: 'I wish you would not post such lovely photos, it makes me more depressed. I want to be there ...'
      So I say, OK - Sell your 4 bedroom house, now the kids have left, have one car instead of two. Downsize to a smaller house, rent an apartment here, for six months, and give it a go. 9 /10 they say 'I can't do that because' ...
      I have one hour a day 'me time' when I do what I want to do. Normally I walk somewhere, or explore a side street or have a plan to do something. I look around enjoying the fact that I can, usually camera to hand, just like Victoria from Skiathos Books - Because that is what I enjoy doing.
      It always amazes me when I see how many read the blog, 815 yesterday. I get to hear from a few, I wonder if they all realise what it really is all about :) Friends on the island who read it, and there are quite a few, have a fair idea ...

  3. It will have take a lot of courage and self belief to do what you have done. I totally agree that you have to make it happen and that there is a lot of risk involved but if it really is your dream then it's not impossible. A lot of people want to have their cake and eat it and don't want to sell their houses and make sacrifices....but then they shouldn't moan about the gorgeous photos and lovely stories about living in Skiathos! Anyone could be as "lucky" if they too had the courage to follow their dreams and stop being negative...

    1. Hi Lesley, Hope you are feeling better ...

      Quote: What you live here all year round! - You can't there's no one here, everything is closed! (Which its not)
      Have you been here, out of season? I asked.
      What's the point?
      Actually that's the real Skiathos ...

      The 'Jealous' word is another favourite that rears its head, normally accompanied by a narrowing of the eyes and a frown.

      The unfortunate thing is that people put barriers up themselves. It's not really the place to try out, when you are 65+ although I know one or two who have ...

      'Skiathian's guide to living on a rock in the aegean' ...

  4. Feeling better each day thank you :-)

    A lot of holiday resorts are like ghost towns in early/late season and of course out of season.
    Before finding your blog I would have assumed that Skiathos was the same! By reading your blog I have been educated on all year round life on Skiathos and it's very interesting.
    It may not always be an easy life but you obviously enjoy your 'life on a small island in the Aegean' which must make it all worthwhile.
    It's lovely to see photos of lots of people enjoying the harbour on a sunny day in winter - it shows the real Skiathos and that it has a community and soul to it.
    Unfortunately you will always get jealous people and others who think you are 'lucky' but if these people are not willing to overcome their own barriers then they only have themselves to blame!
    Barriers can always be overcome if you are determined enough and don't expect everything to be handed to you on a plate...
    I think Skiathos winters look wonderful and I will look forward to spending time out of season in Skiathos one day :-)

  5. Well said Lesley. The latest we have visited Skiathos has been the end of September, when the shops are shutting down. My husband is supposed to be taking early retirement this year, so hopefully we'll be able to visit later and experience the Island in a different way,.

  6. It's not down to luck that you have succeeded in living a life in a new country.....It's down to you....your courage,determination and personality. It's the pleasure an interest you seem to take in the people you meet and the things you see and do,no matter how big or small. I hope you always have that zest for life. Enjoy

  7. It's not down to luck that you have succeeded in living a life in a new country.....It's down to you....your courage,determination and personality. It's the pleasure an interest you seem to take in the people you meet and the things you see and do,no matter how big or small. I hope you always have that zest for life. Enjoy

  8. Whoa! Didn't realise I would start such a debate. I do appreciate how hard it must have been to make the decision to go and live on a small Greek Island and I admire you for it. I know I could never do it, although if I had my life over again, I think I might do things differently.
    I didn't mean to sound flippant and obviously lucky was the wrong word.
    Even when the sun shines here, life is so much better!!!

    1. Hi Marion,

      As i said earlier, was not 'having a go at you' but the conversation is about life-changes, and some of the people I meet. Many who get cheesed off or are just plain jealous when they know or realise, that I live here. They have their own life to lead, and will not make any sacrifice, to do it, but live on dreams, and others experiences. You often see the 'Green eyed monster' descend, they often look at the island through the bottom of a glass. I have met my share of them ...

      The best piece of advice, that I had, was that 'its very different when you live here'. I have never forgotten it, and its very true to this day. Likewise, the blog itself, is not made up in a back room in Islington. Its about my life here, Good and Bad, and I tell it the way it is too, after all, you only have one go at it ...