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Return to the Katsionis ...

There have been articles circulating, these last few days that there will be a Historical record made in May. When if permission is granted, by the authorities there will be underwater filming of the wreck of the submarine Katsonis ...

This at the initiative of Teo Tzoumas and the Cultural association of Skiathos.

The article below, via Google translate can be found on the host site here and has been widely shared ...

A wreck ... Emerging history

At 224 meters below sea level, northwest of Skiathos, is wrecked for 70 years, the submarine "Katsonis."

The boat "Alamana" with Captain Theodore Juma
early 50s paying tribute to the wreck of the "Katsonis"

Legendary on the history and the glorious end, is there by September 1943, when during the Second World War a German anti-submarine rammed the immersing it. For 32 members of the crew became sea aquatic sepulcher while 19 were captured as prisoners of the Germans. Most xanaedosan no signs of life. Surprisingly three men survived and swam to Skiathos island from where then fled in the Middle East. Few have dealt with since the "Katsonis", whose crew had to be decorated for bravery, while the captain Vassilis Laskos recorded in history as a hero. The ship got past him on the seabed.

Today this is changing, and routed the filming of the wreck in order to enrich the archives of the modern history of the island. The initiative belongs to the active cultural association "Skiathos" who pays the necessary steps for a year having already obtained the relevant permits from the Ministry of Shipping and the yen. Now pending approval from the Tax Office of Underwater Antiquities and, if this is provided, filming is expected to take place in May.

The process, as explained by the Association of Theodore Tzoumas will launch a specific company, unique in our country that specializes in high-tech electronic instruments for underwater activities. The owner is a member of the club and offered to sponsor the project.

The "Katsonis' 
The supplication

Besides, local people never forgot the Katsonis. "I remember as a kid in the '50s, in KATSONI, the memorial service are every year Skiathiotes, coming survivors. Come and relatives of the dead, who cried a lot. Among them was the director Orestis Laskos, the king's brother, and Beata Asimakopoulou "says Anna Deligianni, the islanders. Residents reached the position of the wreck with boats and threw wreaths into the sea. "My grandfather, Captain Theodore Tzoumas had identified the drifter the wreck," recounts Mr. Tzoumas. "In the early 50's, load the boat 'Alamana' with the world and went together to pay homage to the victims. The boat was simaiostolismeno and people wore his kind ... ".


"My own diigeito that fateful day the Germans had sent a boat with a German flag as bait. They knew that at this point has ravines to the sea. The German raider was hiding behind the rocks of the Castle and when Katsonis emerged to attack the Germans attacked. The submarine did not manage to get back into the sea due to technical problems. Thus the rammed ... ".

KATSONIS numbers and achievements

It is one of six Greek submarines that participated in World War II.
Constructed in 1925-1927 in Bordeaux after ordering the Greek kyvernisis.a.
In 1928 he joined the Greek Royal Navy ..
In 1941 he fled to Egypt. Sunk by incorrect handling at Port Said.
Until 1943 he sank enemy ships in Yugoslavian coast, Githeio in Kythnos, Sipiada.
This escaped Sophia Vempo the Middle East in October 1942. Often transferred to Egypt allies.

A. Tsolovikos

"I was 14 years old when it sank in Katsonis. On that day I climbed Saint Dimitris, where we had gardens with cherry trees. So I watched the entire harbor, "recalls today 84chronos Apostolis Tsolovikos. "In the sea there was a boat with a German flag. Sometime I see a cannonball to pounding the boat and sink. Heard explosions and Katsonis had emerged on the surface, but a little farther, to another bay, parafylage German. Then it came over and threw the Katsonis a reef. The submarine sank. I could not see very well anymore, but I heard the bang. It was very loud, "she recounts. "From the boat came alive two men. They managed swim distance to reach the castle. There they found refuge in the first hut they met in front of them and was the hut of Zampouras who has died, "he continues.

"The family Zampouras the real name of which was George, and took care of the survivors hid. Then of hidden streets spent in Turkey and then in the Middle East, "adds Ms Deligianni, which describes the 'Nation' memories she has transferred her mother about the incident.
Katerina Rovva

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