Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mixed bag ...

Of lovely fruit anyone?

Apostolis, likes to feed the eyes at his mini market in town. Its always an eye catching display, and excellent fresh produce.

We are still watching the UK floods on TV, which are in our thoughts. Please just spare a moment to take a look at Cephalonia and the ongoing problems there after the earthquakes. Seems crazy when you think, there will be people going on holiday there, in a few months time. The locals are sleeping in tents, and on a ferry in Argostoli harbour.

Hope the tourists do all they can, to help those in need - See here ... .

Island friends in their mature years, please be advised your winter fuel payments, will soon disappear. Plans are afoot to withdraw reciprocal health agreements with European countries too. Remember you can still vote in a UK election up until 15 years abroad. You may wish to use your ex-pat vote, at the next UK election in 2015 ...

Later update 19:00 ish:

A rolling clap of thunder announces the arrival of the rain. Quite heavy too ...

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  1. I don't know if you are aware of this already, but there has been no mention (as far as I can see) of the Kefalonian earthquakes in any news in the UK, including the BBC website!
    Anyone who doesn't read TA, or your blog (other blogs are available lol...) wouldn't even know it had happened.
    What's that about reciprocal healthcare being withdrawn? Would it be the end of the EHIC card?

  2. Hi Steve

    Never trust the BBC for news anymore :)

    SkopelosNews have published their island friends, have been sending emergency supplies to Cephalonia this weekend.
    If you have seen the photos on the link above, it tells a story.
    The reciprocal agreements for France and Spain are going to stop. Its a policy that will affect the under 65, who currently are entitled to 2.5 years free health cover.
    Not sure how this affects Greece, as here you usually have to work to get insurance cover, No doubt if you turn up at Heathrow from anywhere else your human rights will not be affected ...

  3. I agree with Steve - there's been nothing in the British news as far as I can see - we wouldn't have known about the trouble if not for you. What the hell is going on? This is serious! Stuff the foreign aid to African countries - where is the help for Greece? And as for the reciprocal healthcare - the way I understood it was that if you lived in a european country then you got the same healthcare as if you were in your home country. We take our EHIC card with us wherever we go.