Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wild weather ...

The howling wind outside against the shutters, at 5am raised me from my sleep ...

Wind speed peaked at 5am at 45 kph
Currently around 35 kph gusting more ...
Persistent rain showers
Barometer has fallen to 996mlb
Humidity up to 92%
Temperature yesterday at 13:00 was 16 degrees
Temperature today at 13:00 was 7 degrees
Windchill yesterday at 13:00 was 16 degrees
Windchill today at 13:00 was 2 degrees
Cloudbase is down on the hill.

The EKO 5 fuel tanker is sheltering in Megali Amos bay, from the rough weather.
A friend in Florina - Northern Greece, has posted photos of the snow in the town.

I think its fair to say that sums it up, and the weather has changed for the time being ...


A brief respite from the rain this afternoon, allowed the local cat population to storm the bins. However that rain has returned, to save the street. Its been very windy all day, enough of a chill to make us light the woodburner, earlier than usual. A toasty glow indoors whilst the weather did its worst outside.

Seems we have another day or so of the wet weather, before the sun returns. Probably to reveal snow on the mountains over on Evia.

They will have other things on their mind over in Cephalonia this evening. They suffered a mag 5.8 Earthquake this afternoon. Details here ...


  1. You really are having it rough. Thanks for the link about the Cephalonian earthquake. We have stayed in Lixouri a number of times and experienced one about 6-7 years ago in the middle of the night. Rather frightening but certainly not on the scale of todays. Thankfully no-one seems to be hurt. Your barometer seems to be giving you lots of information and I enjoy the daily comparisons you've posted. Extremely interesting. Think I'm turning in a geek!

    1. Hi Sue, Yes it's been a rough day or so. The wind is still rattling the shutters. Earth tremors in the early hours, really do make you sit up quick. Hopefully things settle down over there pretty quickly. Have a good day ...