Monday, 27 January 2014

The telephone bill - Take (2) ...

My diary of pointless adventures continues ...

After unloading some spare change with Yorgos in the photocopy shop, we left with half a tree of nice new photocopies in our carrier bag. File of copies and papers in bag number two.

Office number one:

Had lights but no electricity for PC's or access to its database. We did learn that two other offices that supplied papers, had supplied the wrong ones - Pretty impressive, so back across town we went, on the paper trail.

Office number two:

Scowling person in charge, charming assistant who replaced that paperwork. Floor to ceiling fog of cigarette smoke. Temperature in the high 80s from the Aircon and a floor heater.

Office number three:

No person in charge, charming assistant who sadly did not have any authority, moderate cigarette fumes, a floor heater on full blast. Come back at 5pm

Office number four:

The telephone bill was presented along with my file of copies, The passport was asked for, and went into Greek hands once again. My mobile number was required. Quite why we will never ever know. I had to sign a form, the details appeared to have been changed on screen.

He never once asked for sight of my tax number, and he was the Supervisor who said 'nothing could be done without it' ...

So my file of copies returned to the bag, and we left, moderately triumphant ...

The return to Office number three (5pm):

No person in charge, No charming assistant who 'did or did not have authority'. In fact there was no one there at all ...

The return to Office number three (6pm):

Person in charge, sadly no charming assistant who 'did or did not have authority'. Moderate to heavy cigarette fog. The person in charge said they were too busy, to fill in the paper by hand and apply the stamp, come back tomorrow. The door handle has still not been fixed ...

So we will ...


  1. You lead such an exciting life! What I can't understand is how you keep from clobbering someone. You must be totally frustrated at having to waste so much time.

    1. The sad part is that when you speak to some of them, they are proud of their education. Many graduates in obscure sciences. They are undertaking what are admin roles. Ones that they would struggle to hold down, in the real world.

  2. That is really sad, what a waste :(

  3. And some wonder how you occupy yourself during wintertime...........

    Write to John Cleese and Connie Booth; and start writing the script of a new TV-series: Fawlty Ofiice