Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Skiathos Airport expansion update (4) ...

As you were asking ...

Further to the requests for updates, here is a photo showing some more of what is going on.

My fellow Island Paparazi Sally Montague-Otridge, has been out and about with the Pentax. Between taking stunning wildife photos in the Olive groves, with Sparky, she captured this photo. Which she has kindly agreed to share with us ...

© Sally Montague-Otridge 2014. All rights reserved.

You can see the beach at Xanemos, the beach taverna and the clearance to prepare for the extra 80 metres of runway. There will be a new taxiway and additional parking stands near to the terminal building, where huge land clearance has already taken place. Extra soil is being accumulated, at the end of the runway, and just off the photo, all works are within the current boundary fence ...

Note Sally owns the Copyright to the photo, it cannot be shared by anyone on other websites or pages without her permission.

Interesting article on Photo sharing, and breach of copyright here ...

Today is the day:
Πολλά χρόνια να το Ioannos, Ιωάννης, Γιάννης, Γιάννης (Ιωάννης), Πρόδρομος που συμμερίζεται επίσης αυτή την ημέρα.
Many years to the Ioannos, Ioannis, Yannis, Giannis (John) and Prodromos who also share this day.

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  1. Hi thanks for Blog and photos. Just as a matter of interest about photo copyright I use a little app called src-img that lives on my tool bar. Then I have a web page photo on the screen I click on the button and it searches images on the web and produces a list of the same or similar images posted on the web. My son uses this app as he found some of his underwater photos taken in Egypt were being used in South America and far Asian web site.


    1. Hi Phil

      Thanks for sharing that, its quite an interesting tool. I use some software which shows, the downloads of the photos.I have had them turn up in some interesting places.