Monday, 23 December 2013

Todays the day ...

To visit some establishments ...

The post office: Another fruitless search for the parcels from the UK?

Mission - Fail as per the post above -  Another fruitless search

The optician: I think its now 6 weeks for a repair, perhaps they have broken them up for parts for others in need. Every time I call in, they say "we will call you" ...

Mission - Fail 

The fruit and veg stalls: Quality produce from the island. I am after a nice red cabbage.

Mission - Accomplished, along with a Broccoli the size of a football!

Fish man: Wonder what will be available. Prawns would be good, but a nice fish would be better. Perhaps some Marithas to fry with some garlic sauce ...

Mission - Accomplished, Large prawns

The supermarkets: The Brussels sprout free zone-However every other type of frozen vegetable seems to be available. I need some Black Olives to make some Olive bread.

Mission - Accomplished, Lovely soft Black Olives. Maniolis who has the small shop at the top of Papadamatis street, by the Bourtzi Hotel was a little sad this morning when we spoke. Later after he had been beseiged by Brits having stocked with Brussel Sprouts, he was a very happy man indeed ...

The butcher: Pick up some meat ordered from the mainland.

Mission - Accomplished, Choice of two cuts, we have our own named hook in the butchers walk in fridge - collect in the morning ...

A couple of hours to fit this in, and take junior to the playground. Then meet friends for coffee, and later make some home made pate for Christmas. I should also shuffle the woodpile, and clean out and prepare the woodburner.

Mission - Accomplished, after a lovely afternoon chatting with friends in the sunshine. We were lucky to see a Monk seal swimming just outside the Old harbour. They were also treated to a vociferous support for Skiathian's comments on how damp and nippy it has been from island friends

What do you do in winter? they ask me all summer ...

Tomorrow is Christmas eve, I may finally get to treat myself to one of Steve (Kebabman's) beers.

7am and Pappas Yorgis is ringing the church bells, telling me to get on with it

Later update:

As you can see its been a busy day, the caffeine will keep me going for a while yet. Great sunset tonight, followed by the chill as the sun dipped.

Anyone fancy a swim with a Monk Seal ...

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  1. Buzy busy,you have shattered my illusion....there's me thinking all you do in winter is fish,sleep,chat to friend's,drink coffee and rest.... ;) Loved your photos yesterday ,glad you all had a good time.:)

    1. Busy one today, promise of the same tomorrow too ...