Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Its been a funny old year ...

What a difference a few hours make.

You start the year with lots of energy and finish it tired.

This morning my lovely neighbour, left me a present on the doorstep - A bag of kindling for the fire. She was out in the street at 5am, tidying up after her mainland holiday. Part of that process ensuring we will be keeping warm.

At breakfast time the children started knocking and playing their triangles and singing carols. Its to announce the coming of St Vasilis, to bless the house for the following year. If you want to know more about the traditions then the 'Living in Greece' article here is a great place to start.

Christmas arrived - Our parcels were at the post office, Two of the parcels took 28 days from the UK, One week of that getting up here from Athens. I wished Pappa Yorgos Καλή χρονιά! and he seemed fine about that ...

On the way back I went into the bakery in Papadamatis street. The place was buzzing and full of customers, all wishing each other Καλή χρονιά! The Bakers wife, who runs the shop, gave me a gift for Junior, and a calendar of events for the monastery at Evaggelistra.

I bought us another festive twist loaf - This one for the new year baked with a 50 cent piece hidden within for good luck. Junior found the hidden coin, when I sliced it, and also ran off with the baked walnut too. So has been full of life ever since.

The fish stall was doing a good trade, and had some decent sized codfish (Hake) and a nice sized Ray. The butchers shop was packed, and what seemed like a hundred conversations - taking place all at once.

Its been a cool grey, and rather gloomy day here today. Heavy skies but although dark, no hint of rain. We will be having a quiet New Years eve tonight. Being parents that is what you do.

Hopefully the guys with shotguns, will enjoy their fun out in the streets - Seeing in the new year around town, with a festive volley of gunfire as usual ...

My New Year resolution, Is not to make any New Years resolutions at all this year ...

So until next year Καλή χρονιά! (Good year) to friends and family near and far. To Sifnosman and Barty the Parianos, and the guys over on Skopelosnews - and especially to those of you who I have met this year, like David, Marice, Andrea and Katherine down in Cape Town, and those of you, who have been in touch - either in person or via the blog. You along with the hundreds that visit 'The Skiathian' each day, make it all worthwhile ...

Skiathian, SWMBO & Junior
On a small island in the aegean, and all the best for 2014 ...


  1. Happy New Year to you all and thank you once again for brightening up our days with your wonderful stories

  2. Wishing you Swmbo an Junior, Health and Happiness...I have only 1 Resolution, that is to THANK YOU in person for your blog loaded with stories.pictures an tales which have kept me entertained ,amused and up-to-date this year.I will raise a glass to you later...... Thank you :)

  3. Καλή χρονιά Ian thx for the blog, it makes the vinter Shorter!

    1. Happy New Year to you all , and a prosperous 2014 , thank you for your very interesting blog which we always look forward to reading , Can't wait to come back to lovely Skiathos next year , enjoy your celebrations .xxx

  4. Happy New Year to you, SWMBO & Junior and thank you for all the lovely stories and photos about Skiathos life all year round! The blog brightens our grey days :-)

  5. happy new year to you and your family x