Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Damp and damper still ...

Its a very wet one here in Skiathos ...

A time to experience trepidation: Its that split second moment when the rainwater, passes over the ankle and into your boot. That was my experience on leaving the house. It was raining so hard, you could not see the approaching Proteus ferry as it arrived from Skopelos.

I have visited the two most un-Christmas like establishments in Greece, this morning. They are our two island supermarkets, almost lacking in seasonal fare. In fact as chilly an offering, as that within their freezer cabinets.

I bumped into another ex-pat local heading for distant shores shortly. With my trench foot, now reaching a dampness around knee level. I was severely tempted to ask if he had room in his case for me.

These last few days, I have felt like going ashore. Yes to the mainland, and perhaps even somewhere else.

Lorenzo from Lo & La restaurant posted some lovely photos of the markets, and some very nice looking food, on his FB page. Seems he is back in Milan for 'Buon Natale' ...

I know where I would rather be right now, and enjoying a Parmigiana risotto, or an Ossobuco, with a nice glass of Barolo - Would be right up there at the top of the list ...

When in Greece do like the Greeks. At Christmas leave the islands and go to the mainland. At Pasca leave the mainland and go to the islands. Sounds strange to all you Skiathos lovers, but the exodus has begun in earnest. Both ex-pat and locals, are heading away suitcases loaded.

The next one from distant shores, to say 'ah but it is Skiathos' will have their IP address immediately bared from the blog :)

Those that remain here do make the effort, here is an example of a lovely hand made door wreath.

Bravo ...
I do hope the owner of the door wreath, has enjoyed the festive 'Black Pudding' that I gave them last week. Perhaps its brought out some more creative talent, not that it was needed ...

The kitchen here is busy with the preparation of a test batch of muffins, for tomorrows Christmas plays at the school. In fact if the aroma is anything to go by its a good bake. My T&A has been posted on the fridge door. It mentions charging the camera, but strangely not loading the memory chip - (Resulting in a brisk walk home on OXI day, to fetch the missing chip)

It should be a great evening - so much effort has gone into the preparation by everyone concerned.

I leave you with this thought in your mind. Rainwater flowing down the street, in a torrent. Heavy raindrops on the roof, An ever decreasing woodpile, and for those who view the webcam - yes it is a great big muddy stain, that you can see in the harbour ...

Mmm - Banana muffins - 8/10 ...

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  1. beautiful sunny day in North West England, can't see it lasting though!.mmmm banana muffins sound wonderful, any chance of the recipe,have yet to make muffins but its on my list of to do's,once I remember to buy a muffin tin!!
    Wishing you and your family a Very Happy Christmas xx

    1. Test batch one seem to have evapourated,
      SWMBO keeps looking at Junior and Me for some reason ...

  2. I wouldn't dare utter them words , I've never been bared from anywhere (not that I can remember) . Joking aside It's good to read how you mix with the Locals,and put your heart and soul into Island life

    1. I read comments like that all the time, So that's why I try to tell you here 'the way it is' rather than the way, quite often 'people think it is' ...
      I spoke to some people here today, who said its the worst run up to Christmas here they have known, I respect that because they have been here and seen more than me. The amount of people leaving says it all, many not to return.

  3. You seem to have a fantastic strength of mind, still being positive when others are leaving. You're quite right, we all have quite a romanticised/sterilised view of what it would be like to live on Skiathos. Your blog goes a great way to setting us straight - thank you so much for posting to us. We wish you a fantastic Christmas with Junior and SWMBO and hope to meet with you next year when we return once again. (ps I still dream of living there)

  4. Maybe you all need a holiday! Do you still love Skiathos as much in the stark reality of winter or do you really want to join the exodus?

    1. I much prefer the winter here - its the real Skiathos, Like I said, a holiday would be great. Its a chilly and rather damp island again today. Apparently the ferry is very busy this weekend (Guess which way)...

      Have you seen the photos posted by Victoria on FB ? I think they capture what it is like, very well indeed ...

    2. Yes I've seen Victoria's photos, very gloomy and atmospheric! Your blog and Victoria's photos are something to look forward to every day :-)
      It does seem very dismal there at the moment though with empty shops and lots of folks leaving by the day for Christmas elsewhere. ..

    3. It does seem set for a rough winter. I am due to be taking in more firewood tonight, that will be rather wet too ...