Sunday, 29 December 2013

A beautiful day ...

To be here this morning, on Sunny Skiathos ...

The winds have shed the Bougainvillea of most of the leaves overnight. A quick neighbourly sweep up this morning, under the watchful eyes of the ladies in black.

I have been busy in the kitchen this morning, a busy afternoon ahead.

Junior is very excited today - Cabin fever after the rain.

Trevor did well yesterday with the photos. 583 visits yesterday. So who can identify the rest of them?

Later update:

A very enjoyable lunch here, with friends,  and now enjoying the afterglow of a glass or two of a Boutari Merlot. The woodburner is warming us, with some Olivewood, and the TV doing its best to entertain.

Chelsea won, and its probably best not to mention the cricket, on what has been a lovely sunny day here on the rock ...

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