Sunday, 24 November 2013

Wet Sunday afternoon ...

Followed by a pink sunset as the showers cleared ...

The raindrops started to fall around 1pm, sending us scurrying from the playground. Junior and I having been having fun on the swings.

Yestserday's €5 bag of fish has been converted into a fish soup, with an aroma that is perfuming the house. Garlic bread is in the oven, and a chorus of cats miaowing outside the front door waiting for scraps ...

The fish soup was quite good, even though it had been quite fiddly to prepare with the small bones. The 'Cornish fish seasoning mix' donated earlier in the summer by 'Lady Amanda' was really good indeed, and comes highly recommended.

Looking at the blog traffic, It always amazes me how some visitors find the blog. Here are today's entries, from those who have not discovered how to bookmark the page to favourites. Seems they must be regulars as I see these entries quite often ...
  • the skiathian
  • skiathian
  • skiathian blog
  • sifnos house for sale          (Sifnos Man will be pleased)
  • greece nikos plomaritis skiathos (Avid reader)
  • sea urchin                          (Thousands search for this - tread on one and you never forget)
  • skiathoslover1 blog             (Its called the Skiathian)
  • anes lines proteus             (Desperate to find out this weeks timetable)
  • homebatis zürich               (Someone after a taverna reservation)
  • how to cook horsemeat       (Really !)

Right click on the link and you should be able to save the page to favourites

19:02pm and the island hopper has just departed for Athens ...


  1. Hi , I've long had the blog saved to favorites , I enjoy your many tales or adventures and the Great photos you share , I had to stop reading the blog on the Train before the men in white coats carted me off ......because you do make me laugh out loud sometimes. Thank you , and Long may you Blog :)

    1. Thanks for this - apologies if you are currently a 'bit tied up' in a padded room at 'Her Majesty's Peasure' - Just think what it will save you in train fares.
      When you get out, move to Greece. They have decided to close asylums to save money. You will be safe here, and amongst friends, newly freed into the community ...

  2. LOL, I am guitly as charged. I Google Skiathian and there is no excuse, I even have a blogs book mark page! Ooops ;)

    1. Todays top search item - kalo mina december :)