Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sultana free zone ...

Seems the island is a sultana free zone ...

In summer the local Carrefour had loads of packs, of golden sultanas. They are really good, trouble is any kind of fruit in this house, dried or fresh is considered to be fare game, by SWMBO and Junior and devoured. Put them in the cupboard, find the wrapper in the bin a day or so later.

It's getting worse now, that junior can reach more or less anything, now that it's been discovered, that a chair makes a handy step ladder, as well as being good to sit on. Walk into a chair in front of the fridge, when you have just woken up, and you will know what I mean.

Last week, I bought bags of currants (allowing for some losses), and there were no sultanas in the shop. Currants have survived unscathed, as there were severe warnings put in place as to what would happen if taken.

Note: They may have been replaced, SWMBO did some shopping the other day, and they seemed eager for me to take out the rubbish lately. (Conspiracy theory)

Neither of the supermarkets seem to have them now, for around two weeks. Is it the pre Christmas cake and pudding rush ? Have sultana exporters frozen imports to Greece? Perhaps there is no room on Proteus for sultanas on the food truck, now that space is prioritised for food deliveries.

Can you make 'Bread and butter pudding' without sultanas ...

Now it's colder, I just fancy an English pudding, and for now am thwarted. Even an Apple pie is a tad difficult, no such thing as a bramley here. Greek apples tend to go to a pulp when cooked. Another thing you cannot get is suet. So Steak and Kidney pudding is off the menu too, and Jam roly poly.

At least I can make some custard, but for now better stick to bread making ...


Its still raining ...

Ist porridge of the winter consumed, damn good it was too. Thank you to the porridge runners.

One of my South African friends just became the 200,000th reader of the blog. Thats two 'Wembley stadiums' in old money. Truly humbled -Thank you all for visiting, wherever you are in the world ...

Later update:

Its probably been the wettest day of the autumn, so pleased the woodburner is fired up. No point going out unless you want trench foot. Full of cold, thanks to junior LLAP ...


  1. Hi if you need a carb fix , check out come dine with me 5 November . He made a bread butter pudding without sultanas, and his guests who didn't like b/b pudding really enjoyed it. Congratulations on hitting the 200,000 Mark. They time to worry about junior raiding your supplies is long off...its when they open that special bottle you have been saving .... Keep warm :)

  2. Sounds like a plan, I have not been out to search again today - One of the wettest days of the year ...

  3. Hi,

    If ever you find yourself in Athens you could do worse than check out Thanopoulos (Θανόπουλος) super market in the posh northern suburb of Kifisia. Quite a decent selection of British produce, bramleys included. Not sure about suet though (yuck..)

    1. Hi Nikos. Thanks for the recommendation, seems Volos has the same sustainability of dried fruit problem. However a trip to Athens is a bit costly just for a bag of Sultanas :)