Friday, 1 November 2013

Kalo Mina - Νοέμβριος

Good Month to the fans of the blog, καλό μήνα σε όλους ...

Feeling rather tired after a sleepless night, not the best start to the month. A coffee with friends yesterday afternoon, the likely culprit. However its been a predominantly grey day today - unlike the sunny days of October (Yesterday) So I have crossed town a few times on the paper trail, we so enjoy here.

Home alone today as SWMBO is in Volos. Highlight of the day on the afternoon school run, Junior said to me the lunch I had made - Meatballs in a tomato sauce, was 'delicious' - wonder if 'The Observer' need a junior food columnist ...

I must admit that the feedback, was quite a surprise, OK they were actually not bad at all. So I am feeling quite good about myself after that. Rewarded with a few hours at the playground, Junior certainly having a lot of fun.

Proteus came into view, just as we were inspecting the days catch, down at the fish market. A kilo of prawns, are €3 at the moment. There were some small rays like thornbacks, some large mackerel, small hake, around 30cm long which are called codfush here. As always plenty of squid, both large and small.

Plenty of locals taking away the days catch to enjoy at home, however nothing that really took my fancy.

From Sunday the Proteus is our only ferry, it will be quite busy indeed. Nice to see those leaving the boat were well stocked with goods.

One friend came down the ramp clutching a young lemon tree, with fresh lemons swinging too and fro. He was very pleased with the tree, and said it was destined for a balcony pot. I told him he needed to get out more, and suggested a rendezvous with the lemons and some gin ...

Pappa Yorgos passed by, he said hello, after a 'busy afternoon'. Not quite sure what he made of Junior shouting 'Daddy look its your friend' though, but he did smile.

Back home indoors SWMBO and Junior, said whats to eat? There was freshly made tomato soup, and bread, I had to pop out for half an hour.

It was later, that I went to try some of the soup, only to find the saucepan, had been completely drained, and two rather guilty faces, were enjoying a bag of popcorn for desert ...

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