Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Xenophobia ...

Its been very warm here today ...

Not that I am complaining, its certainly helped the teak oil dry on the shutters and windows. Now on the fourth pot of oil, and it looks like another trip to buy number five in the morning.

Whether I will ever get the sense of smell back, is another thing - everything seems perfumed by teak oil, at the moment. At one time, I had the feeling I was being watched. Not this time, by the ladies in black, they had already made their morning inspection.

I looked round and there were eight cats, all sitting watching what I was doing. They were waiting to be fed as they are each lunchtime by the old ladies. Same time each day, and the food comes out on little pieces of tin foil for them.

Quite funny today, the amount of people going about their business, who are suddenly caught off guard by the Skiathian up a set of steps. Some stop to chat, some a few words of advice, a polite hello etc.

Its the one's who are new to the area, or passing through that get in a state. First you see them avert their eyes, when they see you. So then they look back and you have not vanished. Now what? - Do they speak to the stranger, is he working there, why is he doing that, and not paying someone else to do that. You see it going through their minds.

So the icy cold stare, favoured by the tourists is favoured, the one into space about a metre ahead. Or the one that finds that flaking asvesti, over on the opposite wall, suddenly all so interesting.

Just as they draw level you say it - 'Kalee meera' and you have got them ...

Xenophobia - A Greek word, the fear of strangers ...


  1. So pleased to hear the cats are getting fed by the lovely ladies in black :-)
    Xenophobia, Teak oil and Cats - sounds like a book title lol