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Update on the ferry port saga ...

Reactions to the port of Skiathos 10/08/2013 - 16:15:06

Reactions to the port of Skiathos, article from Taxydromos newspaper ...

Intense debate and concern expressed in a letter of protest to the above rulers, members of the club competition Commission Skiathos and entrepreneurs of the island, on the study of the programmatic design of the port of Skiathos. As noted in the above features letter: "Following serious issue that has arisen in our island from a study of programmatic projects promotes the Municipal Port Fund Skiathos, in view of the development / transfer of existing port, expresses this intense concern us and our opposition, both in terms of feasibility of implementation of this project and the interventions qualify as appropriate. "

One of the focuses of the protest letter is: "the proposal for widening and expansion of the existing breakwaters' on the grounds that" altering the coastline Mpourtzi peninsula, which has been classified as a landscape of outstanding natural beauty "by decree. It also involves keeping the area "cake" but its surroundings Cemetery Skiathos, recently declared the South as a "historic site" by a decision of the Central Council of Modern Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture.

Additionally "exploratory underwater autopsies carried out in May 2012, with the cooperation of the co Committees and with the participation of scientific associate of the team of the University of Oxford have brought to light important findings around the peninsula Mpourtzi, paving the way for the emergence of marine archaeological wealth of Skiathos "indicated in the same letter.

The signatories also recall that have come to light important underwater antiquities, where the old harbor. As noted features' in the 'old' harbor, whose position coincides with that of the ancient port, an ancient breakwater, on which is still a part jetty Byzantine times. A large number of ceramic sherds, mostly scattered sections amphorae found and the sea area around the Venetian fortress Mpourtzi and in the basin of the "old" port ".

The same letter also cautioned above haves "for the huge risk regarding the safety of residents and visitors to the island, since the unloading of fuel is in the existing harbor, which is known as the center of city ​​within the funnel of the airport and less than 30 meters from the nearest house. "

The request by the Commission Skiathos club competition for the representatives of the state is summarized in the phrase "interfere immediately to abandon the above recommendations of the Municipal Port Fund Skiathos and stop any action and debate them."

Personally I think the ferry port needs to be relocated completely. This article raises safety fears that should be the prime motivator, not something added on later. Lets see what happens next ...

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