Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Task and activity list ...

Issued 22nd October 2013 - 07:30hrs

Breakfast - Check.

Take Junior to School - Check.
  1. Completed and smile from teacher (No apple)
  2. Some nice pink roses growing  nearby the school
  3. Lemons starting to ripen on the trees
  4. Blackberries still very tasty
Buy some new fishing gear - Check.
  1. Discuss telescopes with Niko
  2. Bought five new weights and some hooks
  3. Looked at a very nice lure for Calamari
  4. Plan night out fishing with Stamatis
Walk along the harbour - Check.
  1. Proteus has just departed
  2. Sea a ball of golden fire again - It hurts the eyes
  3. Coffee shops well patronised
Go to Simeon for more photographs - Check.
  1. One for English Bureaucracy
  2. One for Greek Bureaucracy
Go to Greek office for Bureacracy - Check.
  1. Bang head on desk - Check.
  2. Come back later ... (Of course)
Go to Post office
  1. See if Parcel is there - Check.
  2. Probably not ... (Of course not - silly me)
Collect Junior from School
  1. Completed
  2. Weather check - stunning at 11;17am
  3. Pack fishing gear- Check.
  4. Pack swim gear- Check.
  5. Go to the beach ...
You know it makes sense ...

1 comment:

  1. Ian best to stick to fishing astronomy is expensive just look at Nikos :-)