Saturday, 26 October 2013

Last post of Summertime ...

The clocks go back one hour here in Greece at 4am ...

Greek Reporter
Get prepared for an extra an hour of sleep this Sunday, as in the overnight hours of October 27–28 clocks will go back one hour. The switch from daylight saving time (DST) will take place officially at 3am on Sunday morning, but it’s best to change the clocks before you go to bed.

The time arrangement is followed by all European countries with the exception of Iceland.
Winter time will revert back to summer time on the last Sunday of March 2012.
(source: athensnews)

So we get an extra hour in bed tonight - or so it seems.
To my learned friend in Norway, have a tsipouro - I guess its Cheerio daylight, see you again next year ...


  1. Had my small Tsipouro yesterday to say farewell to summer and start the half-year countdown.

    As far south as I live in Norway, the sun never disappears totally (expect behind the thick clouds). Today the clouds are so low and thick, that I clearly understand my ancestors only fear: that the sky would fall onto their heads.

    1. Your ancestors would be proud, of what is happening in the Atlantic right now then ...