Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Last day ...

... at work for me

So it seems, we shall see. Full of cold and aching all over I completed a 'last' shift this evening and feel in long need of a good rest.

My journey these last few days has seen me cross the island and stumble across new foraging grounds. Yesterday my colleague and I stopped what we were doing, and feasted on amazing sweet black grapes, that were growing along a wire fence. Left for the birds, they were delicious, and covered in a blue yeasty bloom.

My friends down in Cape town, the pomegranates are ripe and bursting on the tree, showering you with pips as you shake the branch. There are ripening quince fruits all over the island.

MrsWhicker will be delighted to hear that tonight, her last cheese was consumed in honour of last day at the office. Washed down with a glass of Tsantalis Makedonikos red wine ...

Tsantalis Makedonikos 
All this talk of Grapes brought up the subject of wine, in Papadamatis street this morning. Stuart very politely talking to me despite my tramp like appearance, and filthy clothes after hard graft. He thought my journeys with the grape were for making wine, sadly no just for the accompaniment of decent cheddar.

I understand my silent surfer friends in the Zorbades valley, have cornered the market with their forthcoming vintage. So any time you want to arrange an exclusive, Skiathian tasting let us know. Have cheddar, will travel ...

Kay and Trevor have been in touch, they have kindly forwarded a photo of their Herculean efforts - with Sally and Steve, to assist the Skiathian's winter fuel supplies.

Trevor and Steve take the strain ...
The efforts much appreciated by the Skiathian. The wood nice and dry and ready for the inferno of the mighty woodburner - probably very shortly ...

Yes its still cold, grey and at times damp, and some people from the north of blighty, are walking around in shorts, and sadly feeling rather let down by their Skiathos experience.

A wood delivery expected tomorrow, a chimney clean due - Then all systems go for the start of the mighty woodburner season. Down the island and here in town, many fires and woodburners have already been lit. Likewise the island is swathed in woodsmoke, from bonfires, as land is cleaned, and alive to the sound of the chainsaw, as Olive trees are pruned. As a result wood deliveries are being made in earnest.

Its going to be a long cool winter, or so it seems at present ...

The Skiathian - Soon to be sponsored by Lemsip, Cold and Flu - even better with Skiathos Honey ...


  1. Now I would like to see how Trevor and Steve get that on the bus from No23 to No1

    1. It was a lot easier, once the chainsaw had been out to play ...

  2. I think your cold has affected your eyes, maybe a trip to Specsavers or the equivalent on the rock would be a good idea as it's Kay carrying the wood at the rear. I know she's not a size 12 with a perfect figure, but take a closer look at the waistline and curves! :-)

    1. The cold has affected everything, even defied the medicinal qualities of tsipouro. No hope left for me, or for my eyesight - or you when Kay reads your comments ..

  3. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling to good, you need to pace yourself , don't burn the candle at both ends. I don't like to be the bearer of shocking news, but like myself you will soon be nearer 60 than 40. O M G. :)

    1. Good point, perhaps we should use an alternative calendar {Sneezes like a bull elephant} ...