Friday, 4 October 2013

Final call ...

For most it's the last few hours of a Skiathos summer ...

The luggage truck has departed for the airport, along the Island road. There buses are still running the half hourly service along the Island. The shutters are down and curtains drawn on our summer here on the rock.

Last night a few tsipouros, with Mr Malcolm and "Margarita apo Skiatho", and talk of winter adventures, and plans for Pasca next year.

It's really cold and damp, so we were pleased to be sheltered in O`Batis. However wishing the winter taverna was in place, to keep out the chill, rather than the tented one …

There will be a few hangovers this morning, after the traditional last night of the season parties. One year a friend collected me at the airport, me returning via the red eye from London to Athens. Me still suited from a relatives funeral. Most people departed quickly thinking, I was the taxman. My friend twice to throw up, the morning after the "last night" before ...

Another foul night, woken twice by the drumbeat, on the roof from the rain. It's now a persistent drizzle. The heavy clouds have passed over towards Skopelos. The clouds have lifted but a chill wind remains.

My friend in Guildford via Sifnos, will be delighted to know, October 3rd was groundhog day. Long trousers by day, and the covers on by night.

Good luck to the pilots, heading down here with five virtually empty aircraft - for what should be an interesting landing. One apparently carrying holidaymakers from Manchester. All allocation on arrival. Let's hope they are not dropped off down the island, it's virtually closed.

From a cool damp grey place in the Aegean ...


  1. Up until yesterday, there was a few tickets on tomorrows plane from Oslo, last price were 100 eur. Now they are gone. and I'm glad, because I have some important meetings next week, so I couldn't go.

    Had supper in Three Pigeons, Guildford two weeks ago.

    1. Rather wet again this morning, promise of better weather later. Brought home last bags of "scavenged" winter fuel last night. Back breaking work but at least our first delivery, is a free one for us this year ...

  2. From one grey Tarmac airport runway (JSI) to another (MAN), Bev, John and myself arrived in a positively balmy UK - at least 5 degrees warmer than our favourite island although I'm missing Skiathos already.

  3. You sound very downbeat...I guess the end of the season effect? (not that I'd know...)
    Cheer up, remember many of us here in the UK love hearing what you have to say.

    1. Its the winter chill that has set in ...