Wednesday, 4 September 2013

That was a breezy one ...

Certainly was a straight night.

At 3am everything was banging and crashing in the street. The wind certainly making it's presence felt. At 8am white capped waves in the harbour making life interesting for the occupants of flying cat 5.

The morning dawned with clear blue skies and a very warm wind. It's been like that all day, although it abated during the afternoon. The evening has been clear and still, the warm afterglow of an orange sunset, remains in the western sky, as nature changes its tones to pink.

In a few minutes it will be dark again. Night falls and the planet's appear in the southern sky. After dark we can see Saturn in the southern sky. It's amazingly very bright over Evia.

Looking forward to catching up with good friends this evening. Perhaps a glass of wine, well why not ...

1 comment:

  1. Would be rude not to....! We have been known to partake of such!