Saturday, 14 September 2013

Start of the day ...

Aerobic exercise completed ...

Brisk walk along the paralia, to deposit plastics and cans, in the Green Fox bins for recycling. Note that today they are not overflowing. Another sign perhaps, that less tourists are here this week.

Really nice to walk the harbour without the early morning partygoers, still being in attendance. Not much call for early morning crepes now, from the more elderly clientele, that are on the island, at tsak bam' s creperie either.

Twenty minutes spent crushing boxes, for winter kindling supplies.I have to start reducing the tower. Ten a day should be good for the heart and mind.

Tyres pumped up again on juniors bike. Not sure what junior does on the machine, but one day it will be quite interesting on a 50cc moped.

I am sweating buckets,after that, just as Pappa Yorgis undertakes his morning workout, on the bells at Tries Hieraches.

The bin men are working out hard too, removing the tide of waste, from the tavernas.

It's the Katsonis memorial weekend, so the navy are in port. The submarine arrived last night. There will be a service up at Evagalistra monastery this evening. Tomorrow the wreath laying service will take place, after church, at the newly refurbished memorial on the harbour.

It's supposed to be quite breezy today, although I cannot detect a cooling breeze at the moment. Apparently we can expect some rain on Monday evening. It will be welcome, even on Thursday evening, the storms passed us by, but the lightning show was quite impressive by all accounts.

It's 7:00 and the church bells are ringing again, as its breaking daylight, Kale Mera apo Skiathos ...

Later in the day:

The Aegean Odyssey cruise liner is back in Megali Amos bay ...

Lots more old people in town, only these ones are armed with A4 sized maps - Looking a little lost.

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